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Basketball GM Introduces Free-to-Play Management Game for Simheads

While NBA 2K certainly has the virtual basketball world on lock there’s always room for indie titles to step in and fill a lane. Insert Basketball GM. Similar to Football Manager or 2K‘s MyNBA mode, Basketball GM allows players to put on their best suit and act as the general manager of a basketball club. Users can sign free agents, draft players, make trades, manage finances, and attempt to build the next great hoop dynasty.

The game first debuted in 2013, growing a relatively small but fervent fanbase. Now, following a trying 2020, the manager sim has taken on a life of its own. Basketball GM now boasts an incredible amount of new features. Here are just some of the improvements coming to this year’s iteration.

Basketball GM New Features

  • Built-in rosters of real teams/players, going all the way back to 1947. This includes expansion drafts, contraction (in the very old days), relocation, and real players in draft classes up to today. It also optionally includes all historical player stats.

  • New features that enhance gameplay and add a lot of depth. A new player mood system, a fancy algorithm to set player contracts (no more players going unsigned because AI teams ran out of money), jersey numbers and retired jerseys, tracking of game highs, automatic ticket price optimization, a new trade finding algorithm, new advanced stats (BPM and VORP), players can play through minor injuries, more realistic game simulation, and more.

  • Added a bunch of new pages to let you view your league in new ways. League stats, your GM history across multiple teams, trade summaries to see who won or lost a trade, award races, head-to-head team results, player game logs, league-wide injuries overview, the daily schedule, a news feed, and tons of new frivolities, including the GOAT Lab.

  • There is a new settings UI, and a ton of new settings: the Elam Ending, more schedule/playoff customization, inflation, customizable tiebreakers, customizable injuries, gameplay settings (like how often players shoot 3 pointers), the number of players on the court (you can make a 3v3 league), and more.

Additional Game Modes and More

  • Added tons of new game modes. Including: challenge modes like No Draft Picks and Groundhog Day (which lets you play the same season over and over). Random Debuts lets you shuffle all current and historical real players and randomly puts them in future draft classes. Spectator Mode lets you just sit back and watch a league, without having to control a team.

  • New God Mode stuff to let you exert complete control over a league. For example: rig the draft lottery, force a win/loss in a specific game, regenerate draft classes, clone players, edit award winners, etc.

Basketball GM is a free-to-play manager sim. No microtransactions. No loot boxes. The game can be played in web browser with no download or install needed.

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