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Behind The Art in NBA 2K18 – Video Blog

Behind The Art

Early today, 2K dropped a new video taking us behind the art in NBA 2K18. You can watch the video above or on YouTube and be sure to check out the breakdown below.

Behind The Art

When it comes to making NBA 2K18 look gorgeous, the work never stops. Joel Friesch, the art director on NBA 2K18 opens the video and takes through the new visuals this year. Thousands of hours have gone into making 2K18 on of the best looking games in the franchise. 2K’s video blog will show you just how they did it.

Player Accuracy

This year, 2K and Visual Concepts have gone to great lengths in replicating players to match their real-life counterparts. Their redesigned body system allows them to accurately match the physique of every player in the league. In addition, each player’s face has been redone from scratch. They took care to get nearly every detail possible. The changes to player likeness include scars, stretch marks and faded tattoos.

New Uniforms

Another big change coming to NBA 2K18 is the difference in player uniforms. With the body system in place, 2K introduced new cloth simulators to capture the smallest details in how the new uniforms fit the physique of the athletes. In addition, the new true color technology ensures the whites pop and the uniform colors are accurate. To compliment the new uniforms, 2K scanned a whole new library of accessories this year. Not only are they rich in color but they feature high resolution details and textures. To top it off, NBA 2K18 ships with the largest library of scanned shoes to date.


Another area of focus this year is the MyPlayer suite. 2K has improved the facial scan feature and overhauled the entire MyPlayer system. Fans will notice a ton of new options to use to help them create the best MyPlayer possible. This includes updated and additional hairstyles. Also, this year you have more control then ever over your MyPlayer’s physique. 2K has introduced ways to manipulate arms span and represent proper weight distribution.

Forging Ahead

Even with the release date approaching, 2K is still working around the clock. They’ve added a ton of new rookie scans and hairstyles. The art team at Visual Concepts will continue to tweak and refine all the details up until launch. NBA 2K18 is set to be the best looking basketball game ever released by 2K.

Stay tuned as details continue to roll out up until 2K Day and the launch of NBA 2K18. Want to talk sports and/or games with the fastest growing community in gaming? Join the conversation in the comment section below as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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