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Does NBA 2K22 Properly Reflect Reality?

NBA 2K22 is arguably one of the most popular games in the world. While basketball and the NBA are undoubtedly deserving of its own popularity and merit, one cannot deny NBA 2K22 helps in fostering interest in youth.

However, the biggest debate in the NBA community is whether or not the game reflects reality. When looking at  NBA odds in real life, we can say that it pretty much is trustworthy. That said, there are certain deviations well worth mentioning. For some, they don’t have significant importance, but for others, they do.

NBA 2K22 blurring the lines of reality and fiction

When it comes to iconic players, we see all big names represented with high overall ratings. These also adjust throughout the season through balance updates. LeBron, Durant, Steph Curry, Giannis, all these players have the highest rating of 96. The reigning NBA MVP, Nikola Jokic, and Joel Embiid follow close behind with 95s, the same as Kawhi Leonard, and so on.

In general, we can say this aspect of the game is well covered. Of course, certain ratings might create some negative reactions, but most of those are based on personal opinions. Some people like KD more than Giannis, thus are not happy after seeing the numbers. On the other hand, the team rankings can be a bit deceiving. Especially, when comparing them and the odds.

A fine line

The reigning champions, the Milwaukee Bucks, have a 77.1 rating and are seventh on the list. According to the odds, the Bucks are No.3 favorites for the title, +900, behind the Nets at +260, and Lakers at +430.

However, many use the advanced tools, and calculate ratings with only the top 8 players from the roster, which later gives a more realistic picture, but this could also be disputed in so many ways.

Steph Curry’s three-point rating is 99, Klay Thompson sits at 95. Seth Curry’s rating is 90. Devin Booker’s is 86, and Damian Lillard’s is slightly better at 87. Do you really believe that older Curry is a better three-point shooter than Dame or Booker? If he is, then why isn’t he scoring at least 18 points per game?

In the video game, Seth Curry’s performance will be drastically better than in real life, because he takes a much higher usage. We are more than sure that if he would have, let’s say, 50% more shots in real life than he currently does, Seth Curry’s three-point percentage would significantly drop.

Personally, the writer of these lines saw the 76ers’ Curry dropping 50+points on 2K21 in multiple matches, especially in exhibitions outside of season modes. Now, his personal best in real life is 37.

So, to be honest, as genuine as NBA 2K22 aims to be, aspects of the game do not always represent real-life circumstances in the best light. There are certainly obstacles ahead, but when compared its predecessors, the progress is evident. Players can continue to expect developers at 2K to keep narrowing the gap between reality and game.

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