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How to Best Use Kevin Durant in NBA 2K17?

NBA 2K17 Kevin Durant

This article is about realizing Kevin Durant’s true potential as a full time small ball power forward, and for those that don’t like to freestyle as much on offense, I’ll show you one of the best offenses to take advantage of the Warriors new NBA 2K17 potential starting 5.

The offense I’m going to be going over is Princeton Chin Motion Offense. I choose this mainly since Draymond Green isn’t a back to the basket player, Princeton chin parks him at the free throw line in a way becoming the quarterback of the offense.

Throwing screens to multiple teammates and opening up a clear lane for Steph, Klay, Iggy and Durant to cut or drive with the ball. As a direct result eliminating any rim protection for the defense, with Durant taking the other potential shot blocker to the perimeter. Which makes Durant cutting to the hoop if he’s off the ball a near guaranteed layup if the defense guards him with a regular power forward. You can set up the offense with anybody but the center and you start out on one of the wings with the ball handler and from here you have 4 options.

  1. Depending on how close you are to the middle, the guy at the top of the key will receive a screen from the big at the free throw line as he cuts to the hoop. Once he starts cutting is when you want to then move towards the sidelines to get a better angle on the pass.
  2. If you’re more towards the sidelines, you pass to the guy at the top of the key and as soon as the initial ball handler starts to cut to the hoop go to where he just left and if he beat his man to the hoop pass it. Otherwise wait for him to readjust his course and move to where you just left in another attempt to break free from the defender.
  3. Pass to the big man down low and the guy at the top of the key will break to the hoop without a screen this time. If he isn’t open the wing player will set an off ball screen for the guy in the corner(pass it to him regardless) If he can’t get a clean shot another off ball screen will occur on the other side of the court for an open 3.
  4. Pass it to the guy in the corner and from here the initial ball handler will cut to the hoop and you only pass it if he beat his man. Then the guy at the top of the key will receive a screen from the big man and also cut to the hoop. Then if neither is open, the big man will now screen for the guy on the other wing to get him free for a shot.

Alternatively, you can run a basic pick and roll with the big man with the roll man having plenty of space to work.

I love this offense because it murders opponents who smothering 3 point shooter on the perimeter by giving them plenty of space down low to cut and score and more specifically to the Warriors puts your opponent in a difficult position of how they’re going to guard Kevin Durant or any small ball four on the perimeter.

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