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NBA 2K17 Legend Takeover Park Badge Explained

There has been a lot of big talk about the Park Badge Legend Takeover. At NBA2kLab we set out to discover everything about the badge, the requirements to get it, when it triggers, and what the exact effect it has is.

We will start with the requirements. To get the badge you need to beat 80 teams where every player on the opposing team is at least 1 rep level higher than you. You do not need to purchase any boosts to get it and the rep of your teammates does not factor into you getting the badge.

When does the badge trigger? The badge will activate when you beat a team of players with reps at least one level higher than yours. The bonus only applies to the next game played.  The bonus applies to every member of your team, including yourself. If your teammate walks off the court and someone else replaces them this new person will also receive the bonus. However, if you walk off the court the bonus will not apply to the next game.

Now to the important part. What exactly does it do? Legend Takeover provides a 10 percent boost to every one of you and your teammates attributes. Yes, all of them. This bonus does not stack with your teammates, meaning as a team you only need 1 player with Legend Takeover.

Now, let’s do some math. A playmaker or a point forward with a maxed 3 point rating of 72 with Legend Takeover activated it will increase to a 79. Those of you that have seen our offensive consistency results know that being hot provides a 9 point boost to this 3 points rating, bumping it up to a 88. If you have purchased a one game 3 point boost you can hit a 93. Combine this with our hotzones, dimer, and catch and shoot results and you should be able to shoot 55+ percent from 3 even after the most recent shooting update.

So now this leaves you wondering if you need to reset your rep to get the badge. We typically try to avoid telling people to restart characters or reset their rep. However, if you play park at a high level and have a regular squad then having a team member who has reset their rep and also has Legend Takeover will provide a huge advantage. Being a low rep will keep the badge constantly active against decent competition.  If your goal is wins then you should consider being the teammate who dives on the grenade and reset your rep, your squad will thank you.


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