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NBA 2K Fans Vent Frustration Through #MAKE2KFUNAGAIN Hashtag


At around midnight on November 18, NBA 2K content creator Adin Ross tweeted his feelings about NBA 2K21. “Idk if I’m getting sicked & tired of playing 2K, but this game is very hard to stream,” Ross tweeted. “Please do something about this and fix 2K once and for all please we deserve it.” 

A second tweet followed, which simply said: #MAKE2KFUNAGAIN. The hashtag, which parodies the election slogan of a racist misogynist, gained momentum until it was trending #1 worldwide on Twitter. Inside the fluff, you can find some real commentary on NBA 2K21.

The Trending Trend – NBA 2K and #MAKE2KFUNAGAIN

Generally speaking, there’s a lot that can be learned from 2020. This summer, the Madden community learned that, if they can get a hashtag trending on Twitter, then developers will respond to the criticism. In this case, EA responded to the #FixMaddenFranchise hashtag with an ongoing commitment to franchise mode in Madden.

Today’s trending hashtag wants to ride that same wave. While many players shared their vague dislike of NBA 2K21 in #MAKE2KFUNAGAIN, content creators took the opportunity to outline changes they’d like to see to NBA 2K games.

Folks like Tycento and GrindingDF, NBA 2K Youtubers who have 960k and 690k subscribers, respectively, offered real input on what they think would make NBA 2K21 a better game. Other creators have more specific issues, like with the game’s dribbling.

Not everyone on the hashtag is being negative. Twitch streamer Juke pointed out that, similar to the Madden franchise, NBA 2K just doesn’t have enough competition for these movements to make an impact. Some creators are just enjoying NBA 2K21.

Even Forbes writer Brian Mazique, whose tweet about Madden 21 spawned #FixMaddenFranchise and the movement that followed, weighed in. To Mazique, #MAKE2KFUNAGAIN is just a clumsy emulation of what he wanted #FixMaddenFranchise to accomplish.

“Y’all just like 2 start hashtags because u can,” he tweeted“I’m not floored by #Madden21 but it will be slammed much harder than it deserves. 2 many people have no middle. it’s either a god or trash.”

Now What?

It’s hard to say whether or not #MAKE2KFUNAGAIN will make a difference. Its Madden counterparts started well before the game’s release, and had consistent support (for better or for worse). The NBA 2K Twitter account has not made a statement about #MAKE2KFUNAGAIN. It’s focused on the NBA Draft tonight. Plus, a lot of players seem to like NBA 2K.

The algorithm, at least, has moved on, to make room for The Game Awards discourse. Did you know that NBA 2K21 is nominated for Best Sports/Racing game?

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