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NBA 2K League Combine Introduced

NBA 2K League Combine

The second phase of qualifiers for the NBA 2K League has just been introduced. Referred to as the NBA 2K League Combine, it will run from February 2 to the 28 in 2018. All players who won 50 games during January’s NBA 2K League Qualifier will move on to the combine.

NBA 2K League Combine

Players must meet two age and eligibility requirements. For those looking to join, you must be 18 years of age and have graduated high school. Additionally, if you haven’t graduated, but your graduating class has, you’re still eligible.

Players who complete January’s NBA 2K League Qualifier will automatically see a new menu item for the NBA 2K League Combine. It should appear in NBA 2K18 sometime during February. Also, the Online Application will be available during the month of February as well. Furthermore, the NBA 2K League has extended their player pool to allow 102 participants.


There will be 12 playing windows available from February 2 – February 21, and all combine play must take place during these windows. Playing windows are distributed to suit the various regions of our global playing community.

The playing windows are listed below in Eastern Time (ET):

  1. 2/2 – 8pm to 12am ET
  2. 2/3 – 2pm to 8pm ET
  3. 2/4 – 2pm to 8pm ET
  4. 2/7 – 8pm to 12am ET
  5. 2/9 – 8pm to 12am ET
  6. 2/10 – 4pm to 10pm ET
  7. 2/11 – 2pm to 8pm ET
  8. 2/14 – 8pm to 12am ET
  9. 2/16 – 8pm to 12am ET
  10. 2/17 – 4pm to 10pm ET
  11. 2/18 – 2pm to 8pm ET
  12. 2/21 – 8pm to 12am ET


Participants must play a minimum of 40 games using their primary position (PG/SG/SF/PF/C).


Games will consist of four, 6-minute quarters, with standard Pro-Am rules. If a player fouls out, they will be replaced by a AI participant. There will be one position played per team (i.e. even roster composition using Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward and Center). Players will have five archetypes to choose from for each position, but must compete in only one position throughout the combine.


Players can choose the archetype* they play with for their selected position. The complete list of available archetypes is below:

Point Guard

Shot-Creating Slasher

Shot-Creating Sharpshooter

Slashing Playmaker

Sharpshooting Playmaker

Playmaking Shot Creator
Shooting Guard

Playmaking Slasher

Sharpshooting Defender

Slashing Shot Creator

Sharpshooting Shot Creator

Pure Sharpshooter

Small Forward

Shot-Creating Slasher

Sharpshooting Shot Creator

Pure Sharpshooter

Slashing Defender

Sharpshooting Slasher

Power Forward      

Slashing Rim Protector

Rebounding Athletic Finisher

Slashing Post Scorer

Two-Way Rebounder

Sharpshooting Rim Protector


Post-Scoring Athletic Finisher

Slashing Rebounder

Pure Rim Protector

Slashing Stretch Five

Rebounding Post Scorer

*Archetype = preset skills and attributes.


There will not be a leaderboard, however participants will be able to view statistics and VOD highlights (video-on-demand) of their games throughout the combine.

During the combine, the NBA 2K League will be tracking high-level stats like points, rebounds and assists. Once the combine is complete, all player statistics will be evaluated and used to determine the top 102 players available for the draft.

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