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NBA 2K League: How To Conduct Yourself As A League Hopeful

nba 2k league how to conduct yourself

No doubt many eyes are watching the NBA 2K League as it develops. Just as many are clamoring to become one of the 85 who will participate. While the NBA 2K League is video game based, participants will need to take this serious and will be expected to conduct themselves as such as stated by the NBA. Thanks to the leg work by Brian Mazique, we now have several things you’ll need to know before even thinking of picking up that controller.

Conducting Yourself in Front of the NBA 2K League

Know the Brand

It’s simple. Know the brand and know who you’re playing for. The title is the NBA 2K League. There’s no “E-League” in the title. Pacers Gaming Director of Operations, Cody Parrent, has commented if he sees a Twitch or YouTube broadcast from a league hopeful that refers to the league by the incorrect name, he immediately shuts off the video. Harsh, but branding can mean everything.

Be Humble but Show-Off

Gaming managers are scouting Twitch and YouTube. If you aren’t streaming, now is the perfect time to start. If nothing else, think of it as a resume or demo-reel.

Social Media is your Friend

Some directors have recognize the hashtag #2KDraftMe as a viable way to get noticed. Put it everywhere your relative content goes.

Social Media can be your Enemy

The internet and social media can be a very toxic environment. The same goes for nearly every gaming community. Managers are watching. You’ll certainly want to clean up your post and screen names to reflect an individual worth investing in and putting in front of a TV screen. Obviously, vulgarities and racially driven jabs must go. You’re trying to be a professional, time to act like it.

Platform IDs

The same goes for actual gaming accounts. You’ll want those gamer-tags free of anything that can be taken the wrong way.

Be Consistent

Understand you are now becoming a brand. You’ll want to unify all your screen names under one awesome, professional-friendly banner. While not a must, it certainly helps.

Reputation vs. Skills

Having an online presence is a must. Even if its not famous, stick to mastering the skills to play the game. Fame will only carry you so far.

Know the Sport

Yes, its a video game, but its a basketball video game. Know the sport or stop while you’re ahead. You’ll be address as not just a gamer, but a player of the sport. So, know your stuff.

It’s Pro-Am or Bust

NBA 2K League will take place in a Pro-Am mode type environment. This mode will be the best to play when honing your skills. You’ll also want to put time into the practice mode. Talent scouts will be looking for the very best, master everything you can.

Know your Archetype

So, maybe you can’t master everything. Being the absolute best at one style isn’t bad either. NBA 2K18 allows you to play many archetypes and hybrids. If you can master one to its fullest, your on your way.

Be a Star, Play as a Team

Basketball is a team sport and in the NBA 2K League, you’ll be apart of a team. Even if you’re the best, learning to stick to a team’s scheme and do things like setting screens will be paramount.


You may be a star player, but can you lead? Talent scouts and evaluators will be paying attention to the potential participants communicate their strategies on defense and offense.

Point Guards

Mazique notes that several directors agree that top point guards will be highly sought after. However, if its not your thing, master your style. For those of you who have a knack for it, keep practicing and make your name known.

Base Salary in Year 1

To start, every NBA 2K League player will get the same base salary. While details on that amount remain to be seen, it is noted that salaries will be competitive past year one.

Endorsements and Additional Content

NBA 2K League will also have in-season tournaments separate from scheduled games that feature cash prizes. Players will also be eligible for endorsements. Additionally, players are also encouraged to continue their YouTube and Twitch streaming. Although, team commitments will take precedent.

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