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NBA 2k League Power Rankings

The NBA 2k League season started on May 11th and teams looked to showcase the knowledge that they gained from the Tip-Off Tourney.

You can look at the scores and stats from each game here.


My power rankings take into account several factors. For one I don’t base my rankings solely off of teams records. This is due to some teams loses being majorly to “great” teams and “great” teams only winning against “sub-par” teams. I’m also looking at statistical placements such as points per game, rebounds, assists, etc. Lastly, I’m using my eye test to examine each team in the 2k League.

  1. 76ers GC 6-1 (1-0)

What else can you say about 76ers GC? They won the first ever Tip-Off Tourney against Blazer5 Gaming and didn’t look to slow down at the start of the season. They faced off against Bucks Gaming to start off the season and won 80-71 despite KinG PeroXide dropping 41 points. The 76ers are 4th in points per game and 5th in opponent points per game. Radiant has been a top-five point guard in the league as well as ZDS showing he is one of the best sharps in the game.

2. Celtics Crossover Gaming 5-1 (2-0)

It was a tough decision putting the Celtics at the two spot but their resilient play during week one forced my hand. The Celtics lead the league in points per game at 75 and have one of the best defenses in league with 8 steals per game. They also are first in assists with 23.67 a game. Led by the second pick in the league, oFab, the Celtics will be the main powerhouse in this league for the remainder of the season.

3. Blazer5 Gaming 6-1 (1-0)

Blazer5 has the best big three in the league, and it’s not even close. Led by DatBoyShotz, Mama Im Dat Man, and OneWildWalnut, this team will be dominant all season long. After a heart wrenching lost against the Tip-Off Tourney Champs, 76ers GC, the team bounced back by winning their first game of the season against Magic Gaming. Shotz and Walnut dominant the glass in almost every game and it shows. They rank 2nd in offensive rebounds and lead the league in defensive rebounding with 18.43.

4. Mavs Gaming 4-2 (1-0)

When you think of a team that brings it on both sides of the ball, look no further than Mavs Gaming. A lot of pressure was placed on this team and their number one pick, Dimez. They have risen to the occasion several times and was the first team we saw full court press the ball. This pressure has them ranked 1st in steals with 8.67 per game. Also, their unselfish play has them ranked 6th in assists with 19.

5. Kings Guard Gaming 2-2 (1-0)

Kings Guard was the team I picked to win it all at the end of the season, and their play now has me confident that this will be the case. It still surprises me that timelycook and worthingcolt fell so far in the draft, but they are proving the doubters wrong. Their record doesn’t show how great of a team they are. Their only loses from Cavs Legion and Pistons GT with a point differential of just four. They’re second in assists and third in steals. They also take excellent care of the ball as they are third in fewest turnovers only averaging around 6.25 a game.

6. Jazz Gaming 3-3 (1-1)

People might claim that this Jazz team is the loudest team in the league and while that may ring true, I look at them as one of the most passionate. Every game you can see the determination in the player’s eyes to win every possession. This is a gritty in your face team, and they’re at their best when they’re shutting down a team defensively and getting out in transition. They hold their opponents to just 62.67 points per game.

7. Cavs Legion 3-3 (0-1)

Cavs Legion has arguably the best player in the entire league with Hood. He’s averaging 33.5 points to go along with seven assists and has seemed flat-out unstoppable at times. However, this may become a detriment to the team as a whole as they look to rely on him too much at times. Teams in the league are too skilled to let just one man beat them consistently, so someone else on this team is going to have to step it up. If that happens, then I see the Cavs competing for a chip in August.

8. Pistons GT 4-2 (1-0)

The Pistons are another team that is full of talent and looking to make a name for themselves in the league. They have a tremendous defensive team holding their opponents to only 61.17 points per game. One aspect of their game that needs to be improved drastically is their shot attempts from the field. They are dead last regarding shot attempts with just 42.83 a game. For them to ameliorate on this and get to that next step iiNSanitty and Ramo will have to play huge consistently.

9. Pacers Gaming 3-3 (0-1)

The Pacers are my bubble team as they seem to sit in the middle of the pack. They have only won against one outstanding team in Mavs Gaming. The rest of their wins come from mediocre teams as well as some loses. The next couple of weeks will determine if the Pacers sink or swim in the league. What the team does have going for them is that they lead the league in opponents points per game at 57.33. To continuously grow the Pacers will have to find an identity as a team. I’ll be examining them very carefully to see what adjustments they make in the upcoming games.

10. Wizards District Gaming 1-3 (0-1)

When you think of teams letting it fly from deep think no further than Wizards District Gaming. They lead the league in three-point attempts at 18.75 and shoot 44% from deep. Led by Demon JT and Boo Painter this team will be a serious problem in the league as they look to make adjustments after each game. Because of this high volume shooting, it is not surprising that the Wizards are also 2nd in pace. Their biggest downfall as of now is defense as they give up around 76.25 points per game which is 1st in opponents points per game. They can’t give up that many points if they expect to get into the top tier rank in this league.

11. Warriors Gaming 2-3 (0-1)

The consensus of the community before the league started was that Warriors Gaming would be one of the worst teams; however, they have shocked many with their style of play. They are in the middle of the pack concerning stats for the league, but I do see them putting up a fight against some of the top teams. To do this Warriors Gaming will have to continue dominating on the glass as they are 4th in the league at rebounding. Also, Levert has been a massive plus for this team, and I expect him to showcase his talents continuously.

12. Knicks Gaming 2-2 (1-0)

Knicks Gaming is sitting with an even record so far but like I said previously, records can be deceiving. They haven’t played a top team yet that can prove what this team is about. Their only wins have come from Warriors Gaming, so it’s difficult to put this team any higher than they are. On the positive side of things, this team is 6th in points per game and second in total rebounds. But to win more games, they’ll have to lower their turnovers per game as they average 9.75 which is 4th in the league.

13. Bucks Gaming 1-3 (0-1)

The Bucks have had a pretty rough schedule so far, so their record is to be understood. Their highlight win was against Cavs Legion back in the Tip-Off Tourney which was a game that had to be decided in overtime. Even though they have three losses they have all been close, and they have always competed against some of the best teams in the league. However, they rank in the bottom half in almost every category so I can’t give them the benefit of the doubt just yet.

14. Raptors Uprising GC 1-4 (0-1)

The Raptors was one of the teams I predicted to be top 5 in this league before the start of the Tip-Off Tourney. They have a team of great individual players, but they aren’t gelling as of late. They have a high IQ point guard in Kenny who plays both sides of the ball as well as a dominant center in Yusuf who has the most points and rebounds of any center in the league. Unfortunately, this team is also one that sits in the bottom half of nearly every statistic. They need to find a system where each player can excel and form an identity. This team has the talent, and I’ll be looking to see how they perform for week 2.

15. Heat Check Gaming 1-3 (0-1)

Heat Check Gaming is an exciting team and may surprise some people as the season progresses. They were thrown into the group of death during the Tip-Off Tourney and didn’t perform very well. They also lost their first game of the season against Pistons GT due to a careless second half. The best thing going for this team is adversity and experience against top teams. This team will not be in the bottom half of the league for long.

16. Grizz Gaming 1-4 (1-0)

Grizz Gaming was also a team thrown into the group of death and didn’t pull out a single win. To their point, however majority of their losses are to great teams, and because of the experience they had, they managed to win their first game against Pacers Gaming to start off the season. They need to find a way to up their points per game as they sit last in league with 57. This team is also 1st in turnovers which isn’t the recipe for success.

17. Magic Gaming 0-4 (0-1)

This Magic team is still searching for their first win, and it may come sooner rather than later. They are gradually playing better, but they are nearly top 15 in every statistical category except blocks which they lead the league in. Constant practice is the only way I see this team getting to a top team at some point as well as some position changes for these players.

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