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NBA 2K League Teams Unveil Official Logos And Names

The individual NBA team logos and unique squad names for all 17 NBA 2K League teams are official. One by one, teams took turns unveiling their logos and eSports team names.

Most teams came up with logos and names that play off of their actual NBA team names and logos. The Indiana Pacers, for example, designed a logo that incorporates their mascot and the official Pacer team logo.

NBA 2K League Team Logos
Official Pacers Gaming Team Logo

The Detroit Pistons even made a short promo video that unveiled their logo and team name in a unique manner.

Tracey Marek, the Cavs Chief Marketing Officer, commented on the new team logo and name, “the team’s name, colors and logo honor the heritage of the organization, yet reflects the bold new territory of esports and the renegade nature of a Cavalier.”

NBA 2K League Cavs Team Logo
Official Cavs Legion GC Team Logo

“This results in an edgy, new-age version of the iconic Cavs brand that fits within the current esports landscape. We are excited for the opportunity to bring the same energy and passion we put into our other properties to Cavs Legion and the entire esports community,” Marek said.

The reveal of these logos comes only a few days after the NBA 2K League logo was made public. The league’s newly designed logo is a combination of both the NBA’s logo and the NBA 2K game logo, and is meant to reflect the all inclusive mindset and makeup of the new eSports league.

Individual teams clearly tried to incorporate the same type of elements into their designs. You can check out some of the other new logos on the official NBA 2K League website.

Tryouts for the first NBA 2K League start on January 1 and run through January 31. Players from around the world are invited to register, and the only requirement is that you must be at least 18-years-old. Participants can play on either the PS4 or XBox One. The season officially kicks off in May and will run through August.

Players will be paid a “competitive salary” and now it looks like they’ll have fresh new logos and team names to go along with their professional gamer status.

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