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NBA 2K Player Ratings (2015)


NBA 2k Player Ratings: Here are another round of NBA 2K15 My Team player Reviews courtesy of your favorite 2K baller RAFIAKA breaking the each player down for you and what you should and shouldn’t be doing with him on the court.

Kevin Durant (2014-2015):


Position: Small Forward/Power Forward

Notable Stats: 92 three-point, 93 driving layup, 95 ball control, 88 standing mid, 99 stamina, 97 durability, 97 standing layup, 99 shot IQ, 89 free throw, 90 post fadeaway, 99 off. consistency, 90 lateral quickness

Auction House Price Range: 65k to 100k MT

Use KD if: You want an extremely versatile scoring forward who can score from basically everywhere

Don’t use KD if: You want a strong rebounding forward.

Review: As the notable attributes section would suggest, KD is an absolute monster. He can cut through defenses like a knife and create space like it’s nothing. He’s easily my favourite player to use in this mode due to how versatile he is offensively. He can drain jumpshots from just about anywhere, he can play down low in the post with a solid post fade rating and a 97 standing layup, he can attack the basket extremely well with his size, length and high layup rating, as well as the Sprite Posterizer badge. Defensively, he’s pretty solid and his lateral quickness helps him to stay in front of defenders a lot better than his on ball IQ rating would suggest. Overall he’s just a fantastic player and was worth every MT point I paid for him.


Sapphire Tom Chambers:


Requirements: Complete the ‘Get Your Cameras Ready!’ challenge in Level 2 of the MyTeam challenges

Position: Power Forward

Notable Stats: 95 driving dunk, 88 standing mid, 94 shot IQ, 95 standing dunk, 94 standing layup

Use Chambers if: You’re severely lacking at the PF position. He’s a liability otherwise.

Don’t use Chambers if: You’re looking for a fast, finishing PF with a quick jumpshot. Overall he’s trash on this game.

Review: There’s really just not much to review here. He is complete ass and is a waste of time to get. Might be useful to you if you’re severely lacking at the PF spot but don’t expect much of him. His jumpshot is extremely slow making it almost impossible to time and usually is contested by the time he manages to get it off, he’s slow making his driving dunk rating almost useless as it’s difficult to get him in good enough position to attempt one, and overall he’s just useless. The only stat that is useful whatsoever is his standing dunk as he may occasionally put up a dunk after an offensive board. I don’t recommend getting him.


Sapphire Rick Barry:


Position: Small Forward/Shooting Guard

Requirements: Complete ‘The Miami Greyhound’ challenge in Level 3 of the MyTeam challenges.

Notable Stats: 88 standing mid, 90 moving mid, 85 moving three, 90 free throw, 90 shot IQ, 95 standing layup, 95 off. consistency, 99 steal, 95 hustle, 95 stamina

Use Rick Barry if: You want a great shooter from everywhere that can grab you a lot of steals.

Don’t use Rick Barry if: You want a tall rebounding forward that plays elite on-ball defense. Having a player with a high steal rating doesn’t mean they’re a good on-ball defender. Barry is a decent defender, but not great.

Review: This is probably the most worthwhile sapphire legend available right now. He is an absolute deadeye shooter from everywhere and upon getting him already comes equipped with the gold versions of the Microwave and Shot Creator badges. His 99 steal is amazing, and if you can come into a contact animation with any player he will most likely rip it from them. I call him ‘The White Larry Bird’. A great all-around player and is worth the effort to collect.


Sapphire Nate Archibald:


Position: Point Guard

Requirements: Earn all 99 stars in Domination mode.

Notable Stats: 90 shot IQ, 94 standing layup, 97 driving layup, 94 ball control, 99 passing accuracy, 99 passing vision, 97 passing IQ, 90 off. consistency, 90 def. consistency, 97 speed, 97 lateral quickness, 97 quickness, 99 stamina

Use Tiny if: You want a great passing and a great scoring guard that can score from anywhere inside the 3 point line and hit players in a great spot to score.

Don’t use Tiny if: You want a good outside shooter.

Review: Basically, you’re looking at CP3 minus the high steal rating and the 3 point shot. He’s very fast, can attack the rim really well, has a decent mid-range jumper and is a great passer. That’s just about all I can say about him, he’s a fantastic player and was well worth the grind to get 99 stars in domination. He comes equipped with 5 gold badges by default which are: Dimer, Pick & Roll Maestro, Shot Creator, Acrobat and Transition Finisher


Sapphire Bob Pettit:


Position: Power Forward/Center

Requirements: Complete the ‘MVP’ challenge in Level 5 of the MyTeam challenges.

Notable Stats: 85 standing mid, 72 standing 3, 90 shot IQ, 98 standing layup, 94 post control, 89 post fadeaway, 95 off. consistency, 95 off. rebound, 95 def. rebound, 95 boxout, 90 help defense IQ, 90 def. consistency, 95 hustle, 95 stamina

Use Pettit if: You want a great low post scorer and rebounder that can knock down some jumpers from inside and occasionally outside the 3 point line.

Don’t use Pettit if: You want a strong big man that can bully his way into the post. Pettit is quite weak but he can spin off bigger defenders quite well as he has the gold Post Spin Technician badge.

Review: Very solid player, good low post presence and a very good rebounder. He can also hit 3 pointers if left open and has a solid mid range jumper. He automatically comes equipped with 4 gold badges: Dream Like-Up And Under, Drop-Stepper, Post Spin Technician and Tenacious Rebounder. Decent NBA 2k Player Ratings. He lacks the strength to bang down low with bigger players but if you can get him under the basket he will score most of the time. Overall a solid player and is worth picking up if you can make it that far through the challenges.

That’s about it for now.  Checkout a video on Rookie KD in NBA 2K15 My Team:


Let me know what other players you guys would like to see broken down. See you next time.

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