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NBA 2K Reportedly Cut Endorsement Incentives in Half

There’s been quite a bit of controversy surrounding NBA 2K20, from what seemed to be a promotion of gambling, to the #Fix2K20 movement. Now, a new issue has popped up, and it has to do with VC payouts and endorsements.

NBA 2K20 and VC

NBA 2K20 allows MyCAREER players to receive endorsements during the game mode, which in turn gives players VC. VC (Virtual Currency) can then be used to make various in-game purchases, meaning that getting endorsements in MyCAREER is quite important.

However, an issue has popped up recently regarding VC and endorsements, and 2K players are wondering what’s going on. On the NBA 2K Reddit page, a user noted that the amount of VC that is usually earned from an endorsement has been reduced. Instead of the usual 10,000 VC reward for an event appearance, that user received 8,675 VC, which is a pretty substantial reduction.

On top of that, it also appears that skip-to-NBA starting salaries have also been nerfed. Starting salaries have reportedly went down from 750 VC to 500 VC.

From the looks of things, the VC payouts have been cut roughly in half across the board. To illustrate, the NBA 2K Reddit Twitter account has put out a guide on these cuts:

What effect could this have on 2K?

NBA 2K20 has been a game riddled with controversy, and the problems started before its release. Now, there’s a new issue and this will have quite a few effects. First, this will hurt the 2K players who don’t spend money on VC and grind with their MyCAREER characters to acquire currency. These users will now have less currency to spend and won’t be able to make as many in-game purchases.

Buying VC with real money also goes into the second issue with this nerf. By nerfing how much VC a player can make through an endorsement, this change may have been made to try to force users to spend actual money on VC. This, in turn, could lead to an even bigger fracture between the 2K team and players, one that already exists thanks to the issues that existed in this game. And the reason for this is simple: money.

If players think that developers and publishers are only concerned with maximizing profits, and not with providing consumers with a valuable gaming experience, then consumers will just tune out of the game. Publishers and developers need to be concerned with making money, but at the same time, have to provide gamers with a reason to play. Pulling stunts like this may wind up doing a lot of harm, and may lead to 2K players leaving the game.

Have you had any reductions in VC? Let us know in the comments section, and be sure to keep checking out the SGO site for more NBA 2K news.

NOTE: This article has been updated to change information regarding information sent to SGO.

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