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NBA 2K15 Challenge: 2015 NBA Finals Cavaliers vs Warriors

This version of the rosters is Finals oriented, if you download it for the PS4 (SamPham GSW vs CAVS) the Warriors team you face will be using its NBA Finals rotation. They will go only 8 deep while playing Draymond Green at the 5 and Harrison at the 4.  In terms of players off the bench they will only use Livingston, Barbosa, and Festus. In this NBA 2K15 Challenge you will be going up against a real Finals version of the Golden State Warriors; Bogut and David Lee won’t see a minute of action guaranteed.
The CAVS team you will be using will also be server ly in injured just like it’s real life counterpart. The difficulty level of this matchup is daunting; I had to execute close to perfectly in my gameplay just to keep the game close. I encourage you to use this for fun and as a test of skill vs the AI.
One last note, I also made modifications to the Warriors’ play book and Steve Kerr’s coaching tendencies. There are no longer any isolation plays for Golden State’s primary ball handlers; Steve Kerr will also call as many shooting plays as possible. All this combined means that you will face a AI controlled Warriors team that’s constantly hunting for 3’s and will work the ball around non-stop.
Download the roster and let’s go get Cleveland its first championship in 50 years!

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