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NBA 2K15 Defensive Tips: Strong Side Zone Double Blitz


Over the last 5 years in the NBA there has been a defensive revolution. The idea of a matchup/strong side zone was first introduced by the Bulls. The Mavericks and the Heat were the first teams in NBA history to win a championship with such a type of defense. In the video below, you can see me re-enact a strong side match up zone defense in NBA 2K15. I will also teach you in detail how you can execute this defense on your own.

Defensive Settings:

Make sure you force all players to the “middle” and guard all post threats with “3/4 bottom”. You want to force middle so the offense will play right into your Protect the Paint POE. As for 3/4 bottom, it will help you tip passes being thrown into the bigs inside the paint. These two settings are essential so make sure you have them applied.

Blitzing the Pick and Roll

To do so you must hold L1 and then select the player you want to send off as the “double guy”. Make sure you select the player that is guarding the screener, otherwise you won’t blitz the PnR properly. This part of the defense takes a lot of stick skills and rotation recognition; it is the hardest part to execute but also the most rewarding.

Overall this defense is deadly. Its level is disruption is unmatched, if you do it correctly it will deter your opponent from playing big or running pick and rolls. It allows you as the defense to dictate the pace and rules of engagement on one side of the ball.

Test this out and let me know what you think. Feel free to ask me any questions follow me on Twitter @SamPham20 as I am always happy to help with NBA 2K15 Defensive Tips.


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