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NBA 2K15 How to Alley Oop with Style and Purpose

NBA 2K15_How_To_Alley-Oop
Alley Oops are one of the MOST exciting plays in 2K. It has always been a high risk high reward strategy, but Sam Pham wants more. In this video, I will show fans of SGO how to dramatically lower the risk for executing alley oops. All it takes is a little basketball smarts, and an offensive system designed for lobbing.

Phamily and fellow SGO gamers, let’s get ready for our personal version of NBA 2K15 Lob City ^_^
Lowering the Risk
Attacking with the alley oop out of a PnR (Pick and Roll) this year can get ugly. Passing to the roll man has never been harder, this is because 2K has revamped its PnR defence. AI defenders in 2K15 does a much better job hedging the PnR than their predecessors. As a result, it is paramount for a user to manipulate the hedge defender first THEN attack accordingly.
In the video, you will see how I use CP3’s handles to freeze the hedger and then abuse the defence with pinpoint lobs. The key is to use misdirection dribbles by flicking the right stick away from the pick, and bursting out with turbo at the right moments.
Sam Pham Lob City Offense
Now that we have improved our PnR defence manipulation, lets go to the next level and adopt an offense tailored for alley ooping. The Los Angeles Clippers is the perfect team to use for this system. With two athletic bigs that can both finish above the rim, LAC can overtake parts of a game with just lobs. You can see in the video how to best execute Sam Pham’s Lob City offense in detail. Remember, it is important to stay on your toes and be alert. Alley oops have small windows of opportunities, so do not hesitate or the moment will pass you right by.
I hope you enjoyed my NBA 2K15 How to Alley Oop Tutorial, stay tuned each week I will feature new NBA2K Tips here at SGO!

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