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NBA 2K15 MyTeam Mobile: Auction House Beta Coming


A post from OS forums reveals details about the new NBA 2K15 MyTeam Mobile Auction House where you can buy and sell cards with other players using Credits.

Update 5 Release Notes and Auction House Beta

We are happy to announce that Update 5 will be launching tomorrow. This update contains the following:

• Catch up on past NBA 2KTV episodes. All episodes are now available for viewing from MyNBA2K15!
• The new MVP Card Pack is now available, full of Star rarity players who have won the MVP award!
• Added a new Enormous Credits Pack, an even bigger value!
• Minor bug fixes.

In addition, we will be launching the Auction House Beta this week. Here’s the details on the Auction House and the Beta:

Auction House Beta

The Auction House Beta has arrived! On February 19th at 9am PST, the Auction House will become live to use for a limited time. You’ll be able to buy and sell cards with each other using Credits. You’ll be able to use all the features of the Auction House during the Beta period and claim any cards or Credits you won at the end. Here’s some additional information about the Auction House feature and the Beta itself.

What is the Auction House?
This is where you can buy and sell cards with other players using Credits. You can search on a variety of parameters to find just the card you’re looking for. If you have cards you no longer want, but think they might be valuable to someone else you can post the card on the Auction House and receive Credits back if it sells.

How do I buy a card?
Just go to the Auction House search page, set your parameters and search for auctions. When you find something you like either make a bid or tap Buy It Now (if the seller set a Buy It Now price) using Credits. Once the auction expires, if you were the highest bidder then you’ll receive the card in Auction Outcomes. If you Buy It Now you’ll get the card after a short time in Auction Outcomes. You can have 20 bids active at a time, so if you want to get a lot of cards, bid carefully. Cards are sold “as is”. Whatever level or enhancements on the card will be how the card is sold. That includes Pro cards. Cards that were not Pro’ed “correctly” can be sold, so check those stats carefully. Once you’ve made a bid on a card it cannot be cancelled. If you get outbid you get your Credits returned to you.

How do I sell a card?
You can sell up to 5 cards at a time. Simply select a card either in MyCards or initiate a sale in the Auction House itself, then set how long you want the auction to last (12, 24, or 48 hours), a bid price, and an optional Buy It Now price. Once you submit the card for auction it is no longer available to be used in games or training until the auction is over (either someone buys it or the card is returned to you without being sold). Listing a card for auction costs 20 Credits. If your card sells you receive 70% of the sale as Credits.

What cards can be sold?
Most cards can be sold on the auction house. There are some exceptions for special cards. Loyalty, Record Setters, Ladder Rewards, Rookie Stars, All-Star, and MVP cards cannot be sold on the auction house.

When will the Auction House be out of Beta?
It largely depends on the results of the Beta. We want to make sure the quality of the Auction House is top notch. We’re at the stage that we need feedback from all of you, hence the Beta test.

Known Issues List
1. Attempting to access the Auction House without a connection will result in an error message that may not dismiss correctly resulting in a soft crash. You will have to completely restart the app.

2. If you attempt to create a new auction while servers are being brought down for maintenance, it will appear that you have lost all of your Credits. However, this isn’t the case and when you restart the app all of your Credits will be there.

3. If you lose connection while inside the Auction House, it may appear you are still connected until you attempt to leave the screen, place an auction, or search for cards. An “Auction House is offline” message may appear, but the connection being dropped is the actual problem. Simply reconnect and restart the app.

4. A situation exists where a bid of -1 can be entered. This will result in “successful” bids being made, but then failing immediately. Change the value from -1 and submitting a positive bid will fix the problem.

5. When selling a card, if you enter a higher bid value than the Buy It Now value, then it will not always prevent you from listing the card. The card will list normally but will remove your Buy It Now price. Just make sure that your Buy It Now price is higher than your bid price to avoid the problem.


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