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NBA 2K15 MyTeam Sapphire Cards: Brook Lopez


NBA2K15 recently updated the rewards for completing some of the 2014-2015 NBA Roster Collection’s (found under “Collection’s” in MyTeam mode). Here is a Breakdown for the Brooklyn Nets reward.

AGE: 26  Height: 7 ft  Weight: 275 Position: C
Drafted: 2008, Round 1 , Pick #10
Current Team: Brooklyn Nets
Badges: 9
NBA-ALL Star (2013)
NBA ALL-Rookie First Team (2009)


Brook Lopez is a BEAST Offensively, at 7 feet tall he has an elite low post game complete with Spin moves , Post Fade away Jumpers , Dream like up and under moves, Hook shots and of course A healthy appetite for Dunks easily destroying most defenders if used correctly , look to initiate the Post back-down with Lopez give the defender any of the moves listed above (don’t forget your pump fakes) and the points are almost guaranteed to come. Brook also has a great mid-range jumpshot (88 midrange rating) so feel free to shoot inside the 3pt line from mostly anywhere when open but obviously the closer you can get to the basket when attempting a shot is a must with Brook Lopez.

Lopez’s Defense is also nothing to scoff at he has a high Block Rating of (92) and being 7 feet tall definitely helps when going for the Swat, So don’t be shy when using Lopez to contest any and all shots coming into the paint.
He also has the “Bruiser” badge so any player he’s matched up against will get fatigued much faster than normal so take advantage on both ends of the floor.

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