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NBA 2K15 MyTeam Tips: The Importance of Having a Bench

NBA 2K15_Myteam_Building_Bench

sam_pham_cartoonLast week on SGO I demonstrated how strong the GSW playbook can be in MyTeam RTTP. This week I am going show everyone some rotation tips, plus a player value comparison between Ruby Teague and Onyx Billups.


Rotation Tips: The Importance of Having a Bench

With the way RTTP is build, every team you face from 4th seed onwards is going to be stacked. In the following video, you will see my starters failing me and almost cost me the game. If it wasn’t for my Onyx Manu Ginobili, I would’ve got blown out. You can see in the gameplay how Manu changed the game for my squad in a short span of four minutes.

The lesson here is make sure to grab a player with the Spark Plug Badge (whom you are comfortable with using) when assembling your RTTP squad. Everyone you face will have an All Star Team, a lot of the time your sixth-man can make the difference between a win and a lost. So go out there and find your own “Ginobili”. 

​Player Value Comparison: Onyx Billups vs Ruby Teague

In this video I did a gameplay comparison between Onyx Billups and Ruby Teague. Based on market value on the PS4, Onyx Billups cost around 32000-35000 MT while Ruby Teague hovers around 6500-8500 MT. Unless you got a lot of MT in hand, deciding which PG to go with can be a make or break roster decision for you as the GM of your squad. 

The success rate of your decision depends on how willing you are to accommodate your team to the skill set of the PG you choose. Billups is indeed close to three folds the cost of Teague; however, his ability to set up his teammates and shoot the 3-ball are leagues above Jeff Teague. I suggest pick up Billups if you are already filled with capable wing scorers; he will run your offense and play hard defense for you.

For my squad, The PhamTastics, I ended up going with Teague. His incredible quickness and change of pace style suits my squad of spot up shooters much better. In the gameplay I showed above, Teague won the game for me with a buzzer beater plus 4 quarters of hard offensive work.

In the end, who you choose will depend on your MT and roster. Just never forget, as you bring in a new players make sure they suit your squad and complement it in some way. Picking up a player because he is more expensive or slightly higher rated aren’t always the best reasons for making a major roster change.

Hope you guys enjoyed my NBA 2K MyTeam tips this week alongside my PhamTastic Series. Let me know what you think, and I will see you next time ^_^


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