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NBA 2K16 Offensive Tips: Pace & Space


Pace & Space offensive scheme has been showcased the past few years with the Miami Heat.  Erik Spoelstra implemented the offense so that Wade and LeBron can constantly be attacking the rim without having to run set plays for just one or the other.  Chris Bosh was also a vital asset for this offensive scheme, and it allowed him to play a bigger role in the Miami Heat’s offense. This is a Pick and Roll/Attack the Basket style of offense that uses 4 players on the perimeter, so if you have multiple athletes on the floor plus a good stretch/athletic 4 and want to keep the defense honest then I recommend giving this offense a try.  This offense does include off ball movement, fade screens, and off ball screens too.

In NBA 2K16, Milwaukee has a very athletic team, especially if you choose to put Antetokounmpo at the 4 and stretch .  They also do not have a true point guard/superstar to rely on to create action in the halfcourt to attack the defense, so with the pace offense you can utilize multiple athletes in your backcourt, while attacking the basket in sync as a unit.

To enable the Pace & Space offense, make sure that you have selected Pace and Freelance movement as your offensive strategy.  You then can set your points of emphasis for how you want to primarily run this offense.  I’d recommend pick and roll offense, attack the basket, or to play through a certain player.

To initiate the offense you can either use the 2K smart play button (L1 or LB) which will pick a quick action based off your points of emphasis and positioning.  You can also make a pass to one of the wings and give it a 1 second count (also make sure you have play diagram on) for the offense to be initiated.  From there you will have limitless options based on your personnel, POE, and teams’ positioning on the court.  There is no way set way to initiate a specific action, but it will keep the defense honest as there are multiple options for each pass.

Be sure to keep a few of these pointers in mind when you are running the Pace & Space Freelance Offense or any Freelance offense for that matter:

1. This is primarily a 4-1 offense.  You have to make sure your PF can either shoot or be able to create off the dribble.  There are ton of PF’s who can shoot the deep ball, but you can also use this offense with a player like Josh Smith who has athleticism and decent handles for a big.  This is what Chris Bosh a perfect for this scheme.

2. Exploit mismatches within the offense. If you see that your opponent switched on you during a Pick and Roll then do not be afraid to post up the smaller player or isolate the quicker guard on a big.  Use your heads out there and do not be strictly tied to the play art diagram.

3. Pay attention the shot clock. If time is 10 seconds or below then either manually call your own play like a quick isolation, off ball screen, or pick and roll.  You can also use the 2K smart play button and it should initiate a quick action based on your positioning and personnel.

4. Use the Points of Emphasis based on your personnel and situations! For example, if you sub in your back up PG who does not nearly have the athleticism or finishing ability as your starter then do not try and attack the basket with him.  Change your POE’s from Pick and Roll/Attack the Basket to Play through one of your best players on the court or Get Shooters Open.  Know your players’ limitations as well as their strengths.

5. Have some back up plays to add to your repertoire. I like to add my own pick and roll plays for my PG and 3 pt/mid range plays for my wings.  Freelance offenses are designed to be your primary options and should start to come instinctively to you, but make sure you have a few of your own sets you like to run based on the situations and to mix it up a bit.

For a detailed walkthrough of these NBA 2K16 Offensive Tips take a look at the video above!

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