Feb 17, 2021
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NBA 2K15 MyTeam Sapphire Cards: Jeff Green


NBA 2K15 recently updated the rewards for completing many of the 2014-2015 NBA Roster Collection’s (found under “Collection’s” in MyTeam mode). Here is a Breakdown for the Memphis Grizzlies Reward Card.

AGE: 28  Height: 6’9  Weight: 235vlbs  Position: SF/PF
Drafted: 2007- Round 1 – Pick #5 (BOS)
Current Team: Memphis Grizzlies
Badges: 10


Jeff Green can be used as a successful Scorer either Driving the lane attempting a Monster Dunk or Layup as well as Shooting open jumpshots from almost anywhere on the floor (Inside Halfcourt) Many may not mention him when talking about Hybrid-Strech Small Forwards but he can definitely get the job done on the Offensive end , Try Shooting open 3’s (Standing 3’s 84 , Moving 3’s 84) either off the dribble or from a stand still. Avoid Shooting Stand still Mid-Range shots due to a low Rating (70).

Defensively I think he can guard just about any SF(Small Forward) you’re going to come across with a few exceptions of course. Having a “Perimeter Lockdown Defender” Badge equipped helps to a quite noticeable degree also on Any player (if you’re having Trouble on Defense). Jeff Green can also Give Most Power Forwards trouble on the Defensive end by using his quickness to strip the ball when they attempt scoring moves which can lead to easy fast break/transition points if a turnover occurs.

Make sure you checkout our video above and stay tuned for more NBA 2K15 Sapphire Cards as we continue to breakdown each player reward.

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