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NBA 2K15 Tips: How to Run the 7 Seconds Offense Like Steve Nash


When thinking of Nash’s MVP days in Phoenix, a Nash + Amare Pick and Roll is usually the first image that comes to mind. What people tend to forget, is that sneaky back cut hand off Nash dished out as he penetrated the D. In the video above, you can learn how to recreate this classic Phoenix Suns action in 2K15. The play itself is called 12 Give Fist 14 (a pick and roll option play), and it does a brilliant job of having the PG and the SG run a hand off while the PG penetrates up the middle. Every time I run this play, the Nash Phoenix Suns nostalgia becomes too real.

The second play we will look at is a Nash & Amar’e Pick and Roll (of course); however this isn’t your everyday vanilla PnR. This play, Spread 15 Fist Out, has the ability to begin as a 3-2 pick and fade and then turn into a 4-1 Spread High Pick and Roll. Such a style of attack is reminiscent of those 2004-2010 Suns captained by the 2-time MVP. Check out the video for more indepth details.

With these two plays at your disposal, you will be able to run a smooth ultra high tempo offense in 2K15. This is because both plays can actually be called during transition or right after a score; allowing you to set up your attack ASAP. In the right hands, 7 seconds or less is definitely possible.  If you enjoyed these NBA 2K15 Tips be sure to check Sports Gamers Online daily for new FREE tips to your favorite sports games and subscribe to my youtube channel!

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