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NBA 2K15 Tips: How to Use Lamarcus Aldridge in the Spurs Swing Motion Offense


A Spurs superteam in 2K is upon us, with the addition of Lamarcus Aldridge San Antonio is gonna be a tough matchup online, offline, or in your place vs your buddy.

In the video below, you can see me attempt to seamlessly instill Lamarcus Aldridge into the Spurs ever flowing Swing Motion System. The footage is from 2K15 obviously, but I believe the tips/principles I am showing will also translate into the 2K16 Spurs.

NBA 2K15 Tips: How to Use Lamarcus Aldridge in the Spurs Swing Motion Offense

Freelance: 4-1 Space the Floor

With all the talk of Swing Motion you would think the freelance for the new look Spurs should be set to gear towards Swing. However, I encourage you to set it to 4-1 space the floor. A high spread pick and roll with 4 long range threats is still the deadliest form of offensive basketball in 2K; so don’t let LMA’s three point shooting go to waste. Besides, setting freelance to 4-1 doesn’t mean you can’t run Swing Motion, you just need to call Swing plays from the playbook when you want that type of action. By having freelance at 4-1, you now effectively can seamlessly transition from two deadly forms of offence with the Spurs on the go. Can you say WINNING ? This freakin team bro ….

LMA Post Ups

Unlike other teams in 2K, almost every Spurs low post play has cutters going hard to the basket around the post up. This means not only will you get nice isolation low post looks for Lamarcus, he will also have plenty of chances to get assists with his underrated passing game.

The Future = Kawhi + Aldridge

The Spurs will have the ageless big three as always, but with Aldridge on board they now also have a nasty one two punch: The Klaw and LMA.

The 2K synergy between these two are impressive. The best way to make these two complement each other is to call high post plays for Aldridge. With Lamarcus as a huge threat in the high post with his shooting and post ups, any pinch post action between him and Kawhi will almost always yield a good outcome for the Spurs. In the video above, I was able to get a Kawhi dunk and LMA three pointer with ease playing them in the high post together.

Get hyped for the Spurs in 2K16 SGO and Sam Pham fans, this team is gonna be great for 2K players of all skill level. As always feel free to ask me anything 2K, I will see all of you next time ^_^

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