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NBA 2K15 Tips : Efficient Gameplay


Here at Sports Gamers Online we cater to the hardcore, die-hard, simulation style sports gamer. This year’s rendition of NBA 2K15 is arguably the first real sports game of the 3 major American sports (NBA, NFL, MLB) that has made a conservative and successful effort at delivering a truly sim experience, for next gen consoles, straight out of the box.

For Some of us, the realism of this year’s NBA 2K15 has been frustrating, and down right difficult. Improved defensive mechanics makes it hard to blow by perimeter defenders, stepped up help defense logic has shrunk passing lanes, and makes driving to the hoop for an easy bucket nearly impossible. New signature crossovers makes predicting where the ball carrier will attack and staying in front of him on defense nearly impossible.

For those of you in need of some help improving your efficiency on offense and defense here are a few NBA 2K15 tips.

NBA 2K15 Tips: Practice shooting with all the players on your team

nba 2k15 tips

If you play NBA 2k15 on the simulation slider setting like we do here at SGO you already know that the days of ISO, crossover, easy buckets for 4 quarters with your star player are gone. This year shot fatigue plays a factor in the game which means over using any particular player drives down the chances of successful shot attempts as the game goes on. Practicing the shot release of your team, besides the 1 or 2 stars, will give you more scoring options throughout the game. Mid-range and 3-point shots are at a premium this year, and the more options you have the less stagnant your offense will be.

NBA 2K15 Tips: Use your team the way they play in real life


On offense, one way to free yourself from the urge to over abuse your star player is to set your team play calling to automatic. From the options menu, set your offensive play calling to auto, turn play call messaging to all, and turn your play call art to full. Now every trip down the court your coach will call the best play for the players on the court to give your team a chance at an open shot. This will help you mix up your offense and get into the groove of how your team gets it done in real life.

On defense, take advantage of your teams strengths, and pay attention to their weaknesses. Have a team with weak perimeter defenders, but solid inside presence? Set your defensive focus to limit perimeter shots. Playing against a team with weak outside shooting, but guys who can score in the paint? Set your defensive focus to protect the paint.

NBA 2K15 Tips: Lay off the turbo button


With the improved gameplay physics on 2k15, overuse of the turbo button can do more damage to your chances of scoring than good. When driving the ball, not holding turbo gives you the option to attempt floaters or, Euro step layups vs a forced layup or dunk attempt if holding down the turbo. PnR opportunities have a better chance of developing if you wait until the defense commits before turbocharging to the basket.

On defense, holding down the turbo is the easiest way to get yourself out of position against a dribbling ball handler. Hold down the L2 or LT button and wait until the ball carrier makes a move before you press the turbo and try to cut him off.

These are just a few NBA 2K15 tips that can be easily implemented into your next game of NBA 2K15. We will have more in-depth strategy and tips coming at you soon.

Were these tips helpful? Comment below and let us know how your 2K15 experience is coming along.

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