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NBA 2K16 Best Pick & Roll Scheme

nba 2K16 pick and roll scheme

Welcome to another edition of NBA 2K16 tutorials.  Today, I will be going over the 05 Phoenix Suns playbook and introducing some money PnR plays, as well as how to set up your settings for success!

First thing, you need to have the 05 Suns playbook.  Make sure you select for whatever game mode you are playing.  Secondly, make sure you have good shooters from the outside.  This can work with almost any team.

Before the game starts, go to game plan and assign plays.  Click over to the player you want to run the PnR with and remove all the priorities.  Choose P&R Wing for priority 1 and leave the rest blank.  Now you can hit up on the d-pad and it will run any three of these plays!

My favorite out of the three plays is the 35 Fist Swing

For the 35 Fist swing, your 2 or 3 will initiate the offense on either wing.  Your ball handler will be on the opposite wing.  To initiate, the other guard will come for a hand off (or you can try to go backdoor).  You can hold the ball or hand it off.  If you hold the ball then you will get an on ball screen from the 4 or 5 after the guard in the corner screens them.  If you hand if off you will then pass to the 4 or 5 at the top of the key and then he will have two options.  He can directly pass to the man he wants to run a pick and roll with or he can dribble towards them and hand it off.  Now after 3 quick hand-offs/passes, your PnR starts while the defense is scrambling!

For the 35 Fist Rip, your 2 or 3 will start at one of the wings and pass directly to the ball handler.  Once the 2 or 3 passes the ball to the ball handler, he will screen the 4 or 5 and he will then set an on ball screen for the ball handler.  The weakside players will all shift further away and give you more room to run the PnR. This play is deadly, because it has all 5 players wide to begin and has tons of spacing to work in the paint off the roll or backdoor opportunities.

Lastly, 35 Fist Give will initiate with the 2 or 3 dribbling towards the ball handler.  You can hand it off to the primary ball handler and the 4 will immediately come for an on ball screen at the top of the key.  If you decide to keep the ball with your 2 or 3, the 5 will come up from the low post and give you a quick on ball screen.  This is the easiest of the three to initiate and is also extremely difficult to guard!

Practice these three plays and remember to mix in some of your favorite freelances!  Pace and 7 seconds both work extremely well.  You can also call for your own manual pick and rolls/fades.

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