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NBA 2K16 Defensive Tutorial: How to Stop the Pick and Roll

NBA 2K16 Defensive Tutorial Shut Down Pick and Roll

Welcome to my first defensive breakdown tutorial. Today, I will be introducing a technique I like to use to protect the paint and force your opposite toward the sidelines. My technique is called TAMAR (Take Away Middle And Recover), and we will be utilizing this by taking advantage of the ICE technique that is implemented in NBA 2K and adding in some of our own wrinkles.


Force Baseline
Ice Screens
Limit Transition
70% On Ball, 30% Off Ball
Tempt defense to shoot long shots
Double on Drive with superstars only
Always have one weak offensive player to help off for PnRs
Take good shots and control the tempo

Def Controller Settings:

Shot contest: Intense Def
AI assistance: 15
Boxout assistance: 100


Limit Transition
Conservative/Neutral aggression (Conservative to avoid more bail out fouls)
Neutral defensive focus (Never do Limit Perimeter or Protect the Paint to begin games)
Crash Def Glass

Universal Defensive Settings:

Force Baseline
ICE screens
No Hedge/Auto
3/4 Bottom for Post defense

Individual Defensive Settings:

Deny any shooters with 78+ 3 point shot
Play tight/deny on only one shooter or else you will have no help defense. For example, take away Klay Thompson when playing the Warriors.
Play moderate on ball with the PG, even if it is Stephen Curry. We can live with our opponents taking long contested 3’s in NBA 2K.
Gap/Gap big men who cannot shoot. This will help bring good help defense.
Play moderate on ball/off ball on anyone with less than 75 3 point or you can leave it on auto. This will also give us more help defense for the drives.
Play behind post either 3/4 or entirely behind.

Defensive Tips:

Play mainly on ball in the half court unless your opponent is turboing then bring some manual help or find a guard to help off of. Do not play 100% on ball or you will get burnt on occasion due to slight delay when switching defenders and leaving them out of position.

Never leave your feet unless you were burnt and you are attempting a block from behind.
Absorb contact in the paint and then feel free to jump at the same time if it a weak layup attempt, but try to stay on your feet most of time.

There will be times where your opponent gets bailed out, but playing on conservative aggression should negate this somewhat. Never…ever try to block perimeter shots.
Close out with RS ALWAYS, regardless if you were playing off ball. Users get a slight bonus when they manually contest.

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