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NBA 2K16 Hidden Gems For Your MyTEAM: Spencer Haywood

NBA 2K16 Hidden Gems For Your MyTEAM: Spencer Haywood

HT: 6’8″   WT: 225 Lbs.    Overall: 89

Average Price: 7,000 – 12,000

Strengths: Consistent mid-range shooter, solid post game, athletic finisher

Weaknesses: Mediocre rebounder and defender

How to use effectively: Along with the solid stats all-around, the biggest plus of this card is its price. An 89 overall card, only a few stat boosts away from amethyst status – for a miniscule 10K MT. Spencer Haywood (’73 Thunder) is one of the lesser known and used legends in MyTEAM, so naturally he won’t sell for much; this is just a benefit to the people who know how effective he can be if used properly.  I always compare him to Anthony Davis, as far as playstyle goes. He’s one of the few athletic big men currently in the game that isn’t a one trick pony. Runs the floor, has good dunk animations, and finishes on the break. In the halfcourt, he is a  pick and pop menace. Unlike most bigs, he has a quick and easy shot form that can be gotten off before the defense recovers. In the post, his 90 hook rating allows for easy baskets if you get a switch on the pick, and his 85 fadeaway can be surprisingly consistent with a post fadeaway shoe (boosting his fadeaway to a 94 rating). The only faults of this card are the rebounding and defensive stats – thankfully, they aren’t make or break.

One thing to keep in mind: THIS IS NOT NBA 2K15. Although he is 6’8″, his vertical rating is an 82. Vertical dictates rebounding ability more than height does this year.  But conversely, he has low rebounding stats (83 DEF, 70 OFF). Furthermore, most of his defensive stats are in the high 70s but his help defense IQ and low post defense are both an 85. So the beauty of this card’s weaknesses is that they are still counteracted by the key stats that are needed to keep up with the higher tier cards you may come across. Take the mid range shots that come to you, find him on the break, keep him involved in the offense down low, and take advantage of mis-matches on slower bigs and smaller forwards.

Avoid: Forcing finishes in traffic and getting jumpshot-happy.

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