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NBA 2K16 MyLEAGUE and MyGM Details


Over at Operation Sports Erick Boenisch, a Senior Producer at 2K Sports has put out a NBA 2K16 Blog on the latest NBA 2K16 MyLEAGUE, MyGM Details and more.  Some brand new 2K16 screenshots have came out today involving the MyGM and MyLeague game modes. Make sure you click on the video below to hear the detail breakdown of the new features being shown. It seems both trade logic and the game of trading players have gotten a mass overhaul for 2K16. AI controlled teams will no longer all try to contend, they will actually each have a different goal in mind. Every decision the AI makes will be based on its ultimate goal for the team it controls. A late first round pick from GSW will not be seen as very valuable by a team in contention; however a team in full rebuild mode will value the same pick differently.

Watch the video for more details. Finally it seems like franchise heavy players are getting the attention they deserve. Make sure you stay tune and check in often for more 2K16 related news 🙂

Check out Eric’s blog post below:


This season, gamers will be allowed to do all those and more with the announcement of Online MyLeague. Before you even start playing games, the commissioner will have complete takeover on setting, making their MyLeague differ from any other MyLeague. Commissioners will be allowed to choose how many teams out of 30 are real players and how many are AI’s (ex: 30 real, 0 AI’s) and will also get the choice on whether the league will complete a fantasy draft or not. In addition, the commissioner will have the choice of importing a custom roster, which could mean a MyLeague with the newly introduced classic teams.

When you finally step into the game, you’ll be allowed to change rotations, make trades, etc. In addition, the schedule will run in the form of a flex schedule, meaning you can play anyone whenever as well as play games out of order. Though the mode’s core content is intended for single season use, the commissioner will have the choice to continue to a second season with the end-of-season rosters. Basically, you skip the NBA off-season and get straight into the second season with all trades from season 1.

Team Relocation

After years of requesting, Association/MyGM fans got their wish of team relocation. In it’s debut, the developers have allowed you to go full control, allowing you to adjust everything from the city selection to the stadium (think retro NCAA 2k Basketball team creation).

City Selection

The first step in any Team Relocation is deciding where you want to move the franchise to. This is a big decision. We have created complete metro profiles for most of the big North American cities. These profiles include the population of the metropolitan area, the income of the people residing in this area, and how many TV homes there are in the market. We take these numbers and boil them down into three very simple meters for you: 1) How the Median Income of the market affects the future financial success of your franchise, 2) The overall population of the metropolitan area in comparison to other relocation city options, and 3) The overall fan interest of you moving your team to their city. And you thought you were just going to pick your favorite city with no other factors. That’s cute! This is big business.

Choose from a number of cities to relocate your team to. Each city has a unique demographic that ensures each city comes with unique challenges and rewards.

Once you have selected your city, you then need to decide whether you want to build the arena in a Downtown setting or in a Suburban setting. Land prices cost more downtown, so that will be a costlier relocation and will incur higher operating costs, but with the uptick that your team will be centrally located to where the action is (higher attendance), and to where your more affluent fans reside. Wait, it costs money to relocate a team? Of course it does!

You’re just the GM of the team in MyGM. You will need the blessing of your owner to relocate his franchise. Fortunately, the owners in NBA 2K16 are more than willing to support your relocation endeavors, but with caveats. The level of contribution you can expect from your owner will vary depending on the city you want to relocate to. For example, when you are GMing the Thunder, you can expect your owner to kick in a few extra bucks when you choose to relocate the team to Seattle, over say, Anchorage, Alaska. You can earn your own funds to add towards a relocation by completing the goals your Owner sets forth to you each season. While you apply for a relocation application in year 1 of MyGM, it might behoove you to bide your time for a few seasons and bank some money to plan for the ultimate relocation.

Team Branding

Ok, you’ve selected your city. We’ve only just begun. The next order of business is Team Branding. This is where you can choose your primary/secondary/tertiary team colors, select a new name for your team, and select a new team logo. You don’t have to do any of this. If you want to move the team and keep all of this the same, more power to you. But if you DO want to change these, we’ve given you some robust options. We have a large selection of on-disc team logos that you can choose from, otherwise you can head over to our website and upload any image of your choosing to be your team logo. If you want to upload a picture of a hummingbird and name your team the Hummingbirds, have at it. Feeling lazy? You can also browse uploads from other users and choose to use one of those as your own. The options are endless.

There are a number of steps you must complete prior to submitting your relocation application.

Design Arena

The next order of business is designing your own custom arena. You start off by selecting one of 13 different arena sizes (each with varying capacity levels). Once that is done, you’ll need to give it a name. Now is where the customization gets crazy. Rather than me telling you the rest of the things you can do here, I’m just going to list out the options and let your imaginations run wild:

  • Full colorization of the seating in the arena.
  • Selection of what type of basket stanchions you want to use, plus the ability to colorize these to any color you want.
  • Selection from a number of differently sized Scorer’s Tables, each with a different amount of advertising boards.
  • Full control over what advertisements play on the Scorer’s Table (note: YES, of course you can head over to our website and upload anything you want to display on the advertising boards of your chosen Scorer’s Table).
Choose your own Scorer’s Table and decide which advertisements will play on it. You can even upload your own pictures to display here!
  • Choose from 24 different Jumbotron styles for your custom arena. Once you have chosen your Jumbotron, you can choose from a number of different animation packages that will play on your Jumbotron (yes, your uploaded customs logos will play here!) as well as the LED marquees that span the circumference of the arena.
  • Select custom sound effects that play in your arena during key events in the game (e.g. after a made 3PT shot by the home team, when the away team commits a turnover or misses a free throw, when the home team makes a FT, and so on). This was a late touch we added that really puts the icing on the cake. No custom sound uses here (only what we provided on-disc). I’ll see what we can do for 2K17 on this front!
  • And, the best for last. You have COMPLETE control over how you build your court floor:
    • Choose from a selection of different wood patterns for your court floor.
    • Choose how you want to color the wood. You can break this down by zones on the court (in the key (the key is even broken down into sub-zones), inside the 3PT line, between the 3PT lines, etc.). Whatever you want.
    • Full control over every single line on the court. I’m talking the out of bounds lines, the half-court line, jump ball circle, hash marks in the key, media box where the camera guys go, EVERYTHING.
    • Choose a center court logo for your custom floor. Once again, you can choose from our on-disc selection or upload your own over on our website.
    • Choose secondary court logos (these appear next to the key near the baseline) by selecting one of ours or uploading your own.
    • Choose arena name logos (think STAPLES CENTER, ORACLE ARENA, etc.) by selecting one of ours or uploading your own.
    • Choose from a large selection of fonts and write whatever you want on the two baselines (e.g., put ‘SAN ANTONIO’ on one baseline and ‘SPURS’ on the other) as well as the sideline text in front of the team benches. This text is fully colorizable to match the theme of our floor.

But wait there’s more! When you are done with the in-game experience, you next need to deck out the concourse of your arena with various facilities. These all cost money and come out of your owner’s contribution bonus in addition to the funds you have accrued by completing goals from your owner. So what can you buy/upgrade for your new arena?

  • Luxury suites for your upscale clientele (5 upgrade levels to choose from)
  • Parking garages (5 capacities to choose from; more parking = more parking revenue)
  • Concourse Merchandise shops (5 sizes to choose from; bigger = more revenue)
  • Concession Stand types (5 types to choose from)
  • Restaurants offered (5 types to choose from)
  • In-Arena Seats (4 types to choose from)
  • Green Initiatives (4 upgrade opportunities to go ‘green’)
  • Public Transportation Hub (do you want to build an on-site Bus or Train terminal to increase attendance?)
  • Amenities (Children’s Play Area? Medical Facilities? Baby Changing Stations?)
  • Digital Services to increase attendance (in-arena Wifi, in-seat power, etc.)

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