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NBA 2K16 MyPlayer Position Caps and New Details


(9/30) Edit : You can find the full NBA 2K16 MyPlayer Position Caps here.

Today was a good day if you were a NBA 2K fan because planning your MyCareer players just got exponentially easier when LD2K released the position height caps for each position:

With each height, the stats and caps you start off with are higher in some areas and lower in others. For example, a 6’7″ point guard will be much slower than a 5’7″ point guard but may have better post game, rebounding and blocking. There are 3 scoring styles (inside, outside & balanced) that determine your caps along with height. Big men will play like big mean and there will be no more 7 foot small forwards that shoot like Ray Allen and dribble like Kyrie Irving.

MyPlayer restrictions are specific to your MyPlayer. Regular Create-A-Player has less restrictions, allowing more freedom.


  • Earn VC and other rewards such as billboards, commercials or your very own signature shoe.
  • Companies will offer you contracts that ask you to commit to a specific amount of off-days. Like an incentive-based contract, the more you do the greater you will receive.


  • Now you can build up relationships and friendships with other players, legends and personalities around the Association.
  • If you hang with Dwight Howard for a day, you can unlock th Expression Badge. Or you can choose to chill out and water ski with Blake Griffin to earn his pre-game rim hang routine.

Live Practice

  • Live 5-on-5 practice will net you new skills.
  • There are even options to do single specific workouts to improve ratings.
  • There’s also a free shootaround period where you can explore the gym and interact with coaches and teammates.


  • You can upgrade your player, check out stats and standings and watch NBA 2KTV and story scenes over again.
  • MyCOURT is completely customizable, everything from the floors, walls, rims, backboards, nets, balls, lines, and so on can be modified, colored and upgraded.
  • There is a display case to show off all of your awards and accomplishments.
  • You can also invite your friends to hang out and shoot around on your court while waiting to hit the Pro-Am court’s together.

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