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NBA 2K16 MyTeam: 10 Tips to Get 3 Stars EVERY Time in Domination


[You can find our NBA 2K17 Domination Guide here.]

Beating domination in NBA 2K16 MyTEAM has gotten more and more challenging every year since its inception. This year, with the new defensive schemes and how much harder it is to actually DOMINATE, there is a high demand for any kind of possible help to get through this extensive series of games; this is where the 10 keys of domination come into play. Be sure to check out these tips and the detailed video below.

1. Run the Break

The quarters for these games are only 6 minutes long, which can fly by if you play a slow tempo game and kill the clock. Some of these games require you to get up to 800-900 points to receive your full reward. This is the base for beating every game of domination, put on your track shoes and run the floor every time you get a defensive stop.

2. Spam the Pick & Roll

The pick and roll this year is pretty overpowered. A lot of the entry passes from the ball handler to the roller no longer get picked off by the CPU defenders. Also, P&R defense IQ is a much more prominent stat and bigs will double the ball handler or stand around mindlessly, instead of guarding the roll properly. Take advantage of this and every time you are unable to score on the fast break, spam the pick and roll until you can find yourself a good shot. (Set your offensive point of emphasis to P&R offense to trigger your shooters to curl around the court once picks are called for. This will help find a couple shots if you cannot get a good entry pass to your big).

3. Assist Every Basket

Assists are the 3rd building block for beating domination. Assists give +5 points to your count when achieved. Those will add up QUICKLY. You should almost keep the mindset that if you scored a basket without it being the product of an assist, the possession was a failure.

4. Get Defensive Stops

The age old phrase – “Defense wins games.” This is your 4th building block to complete your foundation. Blocks and steals both give +6 points to your count. As mentioned above, with how much bigger defense is this year and how much easier it is to play good defense, you NEED to get stops. Playing on ball is an option, time your steals and lean your player towards the ball to get the cheap poke outs where the ball just hits your player’s leg. Off ball also works if you’re having trouble protecting the paint. Go to your defensive settings to make sure you set your perimeter players to guard their opposition closely (they usually sag off and give up open jumpshots when playing off ball). Play on your big man and help where you can. DO NOT GET JUMPY or the CPU will get a lot of foul calls. Jump and commit where you see fit but stick to playing defense with the right stick (holding it towards the opposition when they shoot) because this gets less fouls while still contesting the shot.

5.  3-man Weave

When you get a stop or rebound, push the break effectively by performing the age old basketball drill from high school: one man catches the rebound, outlets it to a teammate who is around halfcourt (any further might cause a throw out of bounds animation), then wait for the right moment to hit the final man cutting to the basket for a layup. Throw alley oops if you feel the cutting player is athletic enough to catch it or the defender cannot reach the lob. This creates the perfect transition scenario for domination: +6 for a rebound, block or steal, +4 fast break finish, +2 made shot, +3 if it is a dunk, +5 assist.

6. Wait for Assists

This is shown much more simply in my video guide. When you are on a fast break and have an easy finish ahead, if there is a trailer behind you, PASS IT OFF TO HIM FOR THE ASSIST POINTS. Keep these things in mind to be able to maximize your point count.

7. Play Up-Tempo

This is much different than running the break. By playing up-tempo, I mean even in the halfcourt you should be playing at a fast rate. Call for your picks as quick as possible, don’t wait for it to settle, GO. Illegal screens are not called much in this game. Move the ball as well, quick swings around the perimeter until a shot opens up. This is all triggered by the P&R point of emphasis as well.

8. Live in the Mid-range

Three pointers are much harder to make this year, as of right now anyway. Stay away from them unless you are WIDE open, also you must meet the quota of taking at least 5 threes a game for your point bonus. If you played NBA 2K15 towards the end of the year, play as if you’re playing on patch 4. By that I mean, if you cannot get a dunk, live on the break with mid-range pulls ups and fadeaways. They will go in almost all the time with decent form on a player with 80+ mid-range.

9. Post Up

When in doubt, post up. If you cannot find anything in the mid-range or P&R, post up and get to work down low. Scoring in the post does give you +5 to your point count, so this can replace the +5 you could have gotten for an assist. The best players to use for this are good mid-range shooting bigs who also can post fade (Lamarcus, Dirk, Boogie, Al Jefferson, ect). Posting up is also the easiest way to get to the free throw line which is very prominent as well. Shoot at least 10 FT’s in a game to receive another point bonus depending on the percentage you shot.

10. Use Athletic Shooters

People who are athletic but can also knock down jumpshots are the saviors for domination. They fit the playstyle I have elaborated on perfectly. Catch lobs on the break, finish strong if they’re in the 3-man weave, and hit the easy jumpshots given to them whether it be pull-ups in transition or curl shots in the halfcourt. (Think J.R Smith or Gerald Green).

If you’ve made it this far then here is a special treat that may save you deep into domination and historic domination: Pressing LT/L2 before you do anything, a shot, layup, dunk, ect, will give you post points on the made basket, even if you did not do any moves in the post. The game recognizes that you went into the post animation and gives you the points anyway. This may be patched in the future so take advantage while you still can.

Overall, domination is a pain. However, to begin the year, it is the best way to start your team. Keep in mind all of these keys I have listed and there is no doubt in my mind that you will eventually beat it. Some teams will give you problems, some will be easy – weird teams too (I almost lost to the jazz but blew out the warriors). Other than these keys, just keep in mind to make your 5 three pointer/10 FT attempts quota for extra points. If you have any questions about anything or need suggestions on players that could help you be sure to tweet me and subscribe to my Youtube Channel, I will gladly help anyone I can. Make sure check SGO daily for more NBA 2K16 MyTeam Tips!

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