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NBA 2K16 MyTeam: Diamond 06′ Kobe Bryant Review

NBA 2K16 MyTeam Diamond Kobe Bryant Review

Overall: 98
HT: 6’6”
WT: 205 Lbs
Average Price: 3,500,000
Strengths: Slashing, Three-point shooting, Strong Finisher, Elite Defender
Weaknesses: 2K limits his greatness with in-game momentum

How to use effectively: The card that inspired every diamond moment card currently in the game. When “moments” cards were introduced this year, everyone first thought of the possibility of this card. Kobe is and arguably has been one of the most fun players to use in NBA2K for years. He is one of the players in-game that make you actually FEEL dangerous. You shoot shots while trash talking your opponent or talking to yourself, and calling yourself the GOAT, “nobody can guard me with Kobe.” Well, this card is that x10.

Just by looking at his stats, there are only 2 letdowns, an 80 dunk rating (when Kobe was in his athletic prime) and an 85 post fadeaway (c’mon… it’s Kobe). However, he was gifted with every tomahawk, 360, and double clutch animation that Kobe could have, and if you slap a +9 post fadeaway shoe on him, the card suddenly has no weakness. None. The only one that could even be mentioned is the natural in-game momentum that swings every quarter when you begin to miss shots that you were previously making; yet, I digress.

nba2k16 diamond kobe
Not only one of the best cards in the game but one that makes you actually feel as dangerous as Black Mamba himself.

What surprised me the most about this card was its defensive capability. Whether you play on or off-ball, he slides laterally so quickly that nobody can get away from him. As far as him on offense, it is a pick your poison situation. Isolate P&R and abuse your opposition with Kobe’s speed and tricky dribble size-up animations. He has one back-up animation where he goes between the legs 4 times on a pullback, and from there you can shoot with more than enough space or just go for the blow by. If that doesn’t work, do what Kobe does: take your opponent down on the block and, as the great one himself once said, “wear that ass out till someone comes to help.” Assuming you watched Kobe in his heyday (which wasn’t that many years ago), you know what he specialized in. Abuse your defender in the halfcourt, either in P&R or the post, and if the game speeds up, the beauty of this card’s high three pointer lets him shine with transition threes.

Keep in mind, just because this card is dubbed the overpowered chosen one doesn’t mean you should play like it is. Don’t go out and jack up threes and drive with the hopes of finishing over a whole team. Play like Kobe, take the shots he knew he could make. Specialize in the mid-range area and abuse anyone who dares to think one person can guard him. Once you have that down, then the other facets of this card’s game opens up. Threes find him, doubles come and you dish off for easy assists, and before you know it the game is over in the third quarter. The only downside to this card is the price. If you translated how much that amount of coins would cost in actual dollars, it’s absurd. However, as mentioned in the video review, if you are a fan of Kobe Bryant and have the means to get this card – it IS worth it

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