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NBA 2K16 MyTeam Tips: Hidden Gems – Mike Bibby


This is the first installment of our new NBA 2K16 MyTeam Hidden Gem Series. For those who don’t have the means to buy the extremely expensive and overpowered cards in MyTeam. These are players that play just a well, if not better, than the higher overall players at a fraction of their price.

Good point guards are hard to come by right now to begin the year. Especially if you’re a 2K hipster like me who refuses to use the Kyries and Stephs of the world. Most of point guards that I prefer to use (Lillard, Westbrook) have been EXTREMELY underrated to begin the year and using them will likely hurt more than help you until they receive stat boosts. Now if you’re someone with not a lot of MT right now but need an elite PG that can do it all and run your team, this one is for you.

01′ Mike Bibby. Enough said. This card has the highest mid range jumpshot stat in the game, next to Chris Paul  (the best mid-range shooter in the NBA), and Sam Jones (the OG 2K13 MyTeam mid-range glitch). His three pointer is fair enough to hit consistently, after all, you shouldn’t be throwing them up that much this year anyway. His passing is in the high 80’s and he also has the Floor General and Alpha Dog badges (increases teammates’ offensive stats while on the floor and gets an individual stat boost when they perform poorly). His layup stats are in the mid 80s, not too high, but finishes just as well because of the 26 BADGES that he has as an 82 overall player. The one thing that isn’t mentioned in the stat section that also makes him so effective is his dribble move set. He has incredible hesitation moves that set up into crossovers well, and his off the dribble animations (crossover, in & out, behind the back) are superb; they create alot of space, allow easy blow-bys, and thankfully, don’t make you lose the ball as if he couldn’t dribble at all.

The only downside to Bibby is his defensive stats. They are pretty mediocre, only around the high 60s to low 70s. However, if you’re good at on ball defense this year this shouldn’t be a problem. In the showcase video I made for this card, I was still able to preemptively guess my opponent’s moves and counter them fairly well – just don’t get too jumpy because one slip up and he will be burned by the better PGs he matches up with. No card is perfect, especially a card that is meant to be a cheap alternative to a superstar, but this one sure is close. I have dubbed Mike Bibby the cheap Chris Paul, the only thing Chris has over him is the defensive competency, but the scary part about this card is that this isn’t even Bibby’s best version. His best statistical year was in 2005 on the Sacramento Kings, where he averaged 21 points per game, as compared to this 2001 card that averaged 16. The kings version will likely be a throwback thursday card and if I could guess, would have a higher 3 pointer and defensive stats, with slightly lower mid range stats (they can’t make him THAT godly..can they?). Either way, if you need a good PG to run your team right now, it’s hard to argue that Bibby shouldn’t at least be on your bench. Try him and let me know what you think. Follow me on twitter if you have any questions and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more hidden gems!

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