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NBA 2K16 MyTeam Tips: Hidden Gems – Tracy McGrady


Tracy McGrady (’00 Raptors)

HT: 6’8″  WT: 210 Lbs.   Overall: 82

Average Price: 15,000 – 20,000

Strengths: Attacking the basket, Elite transition finisher, Versatility on offense, Speed Demon

Weaknesses: Less effective jumpshot than older versions, Mediocre defender

How to use effectively: Raptors Tmac is the most versatile card in the game, period. Many people haven’t noticed, but this card actually still has all the main stats of Tracy that make him so potent on offense. The only reason he is an 82 overall is because of his lowered defensive and passing stats (the only things Tracy really needed to improve on early in his career, anyway). The jumpshot, for the most part, is still there. Post fadeaway, still there. Finishing ability, better than ever. This is the youngest and most spry version of Tmac that will be in the game, with 88 speed/acceleration, 98 vertical, and a 93 driving dunk. That being said, this card IS Tmac and should be seen as nothing less. Find him on a fast break for endless highlight dunks/finishes, pull-up on people who sag off, and fadeaway in the pick and roll seamlessly. However, what pushes this card over the top is its ability to wear ANY shoe in the game; meaning you can make his stats cater to your playstyle. Do you prefer to play slower in the halfcourt? +9 Post fadeaway shoes could make you unstoppably efficient with a 93 rating. Do you prefer to run and gun? A +6 three pointer could make him a consistent threat from deep with an 85. Will you be running the P&R with him? +9 mid-range could take his fadeaway game to the next level.  Compile that with him being arguably the best dunker in the game next to Dominique at the moment, you’ve got yourself a versatile scoring monster. All I can say is: don’t sleep on this card. Moreover, if you run into someone using this card – watch out.

Avoid: Taking too many jumpshots, Forcing the offense with him (let him shine and take the shots that naturally come to him in-game).

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