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NBA 2K16 Offensive Guide: How to Score and Win in NBA 2K16!


The key to winning in NBA 2K16 is to use plays intelligently as plays don’t break as often as previous generations, use this to your advantage. In this NBA 2K16 Offensive Guide, we detail 5 money plays from the Dallas Mavericks playbook being utilized online and offline to great success. As a matter of fact, two of these plays are constantly used by famous MyTeam YouTubers such as CashNasty, OSN, EpikKai, and JesserTheLazer. However, these “money” plays are not the cheesy glitchy plays you know from previous generations of 2K. The levels of success you can have with these plays are dependent on your ability to read and react, on top of your familiarity with your roster.

Running plays to follow the play-art and hoping for a good shot is no longer viable, to win in 2K16 you need to run plays to utilize its unique spacing and movement to your advantage. In this year’s version of the game, plays actually don’t break if you choose to go away from the play-art. Plays will continue to run until you either break it for good with a shot, turnover, calling quick isolation or running a manual pick + roll.

This “unbreaking” nature of plays can be seen most apparent in my money play #4 here:

At its basic level, this is a flex motion set running through floppy action. In older versions of 2K, any pass you make away from the intended play-art target would most likely cost the play to break and reset back into your freelance. However, in 2K16 — as you can see from the video — I am purposely passing away from the intended receiver, yet the play still continues. This opens up a whole new crop of options; instead of simply waiting for a pin down, jumper to the SF via passing by the SG. This is what you get if you follow the play-art to the tee.

I can now get an iso post from the C, a dug-in for a standing dunk with the PF, and a much more open jumper for the SF because of the extra attention given to the C and PF. Running the play my way also allows for the SG, C, and PF to make the jumper pass to the SF; not just the SG. This is not achievable if one doesn’t understand the concept that plays no longer break down easily in NBA 2K16.

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