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NBA 2K16 Offensive Tips: Top Money Plays for Easy Points – Cutter Plays

NBA 2K16 Offensive Tips top money cutter plays spurs

Today I’m going to start a series where I go over the different play types in NBA 2K16 and my favorite plays out of each one.  I’m going to begin with Cutter plays, which are designed to get easy looks at the hoop primary through alley oop passes. The first 2 plays I’m going to go over are 98 Cut 3 Swing and 87 Cut 42 Motion. Checkout the video above for a detailed walkthrough.

PLAY: 98 CUT 3 SWING -98 Spurs Playbook

Before you start the play, Make sure whoever you’re calling the play for does not already have the ball.

EXECUTION: The ball handler starts on the same side as the guy you called it for, and then you begin to work the ball around the perimeter. What begins to happen down low is the other guy will set a screen for his teammate running across the paint for a shot at point blank range. Your first opportunity to pass it to him will be at the top of the 3pt line, and secondly from the other wing spot.


  1. If the pass to the cutter from the top of the 3pt line is taken away,

Passing it back to the initial ball handler, then to the big man down low can get him an easy look for him at the basket. Because due to his man leaving his assignment to prevent the guy an easy look at the rim, he opens up space for our big man to have momentum driving to the hoop once he catches the ball.

  1. If your opponent begins to cheat off you anticipating the pass from the top of the 3pt line

Passing it to the wing player first, changes the angle and the user should be out of position to deflect it. Pass as soon as the guy starts to cut to the basket, which gives your opponent something else to look at (basically a decoy)  before you pass to the main target .

Also, because of the positioning of the players, 98 Cut 3 Swing  gives the big man down low plenty of space to attack 1 on 1 before the play even starts


You will outnumber their 2 perimeter defenders with your 3 perimeter players, so cycle the ball around to the open man.


The player in the corner (the guy the play was called for) will have nobody on him.


I’m sure you have come across guys who will zone and also double team you to force you into wild passes. Well having a structured plan on what to do can make them think twice about doing it again and that starts with your outlet passes and 2nd reads incase the user looks like he’s about to pick it off. If your double teamed the guy at the top of the key and the guy in the corner will be your 2 outlets and knowing where to look depends on where the double tem is coming from.

If they double from the side, the guy in the corner will be your outlet, and if it looks like your opponent is wise to this you move to your 2nd read the big down low that should have an easy look near the hoop.

If they double from the middle, you have the guy at the top of the key, with the guy on the opposite wing as the secondary option.


PLAY:  87 Cut 42 Motion – 86 Celtics Playbook

EXECUTION: You start the play off at the top of the key and the guy you called the play for will receive a down screen as he runs out towards the 3pt line


If the defender closes out on him in time, another off ball screen will occur on the opposite side of the court (usually with your power forward) for another 3 point attempt

If the defense also closes out in him, the guy you originally called the play for will then cut to the rim. You can throw an alley oop to him  from the 3 point line if your guy can pass, but what I like to do is pass it down low to the big on the high post first then pass it to the cutter to get a better angle and have a higher chance of him catching it


the first guy receiving the screen towards the 3pt line can outflank the 2-3  on the edge and if he’s somehow covered ,because the initial ball handler cuts down the middle of the lane he brings the defenses attention with opening up the 2nd screen at the top of the 3 point line. Lastly you pass it down low to the big where you now have the option to pass to the initial ball handler who runs to the corner or the guy cutting to the hoop


the first 2 screens will be covered simply because 3-2 zone is designed to cover where this play is attacking initially, but once you pass to the big man on the high post  is where you can break down the defense with the options to pass to the corner or the cutter and expose them for only having 2 guys down low.


Your outlets will be the guy you called the play for coming off the screen with the big on his side as the secondary options and the big man on the high post with the guy next to him as his.

Teams like the Thunder, Warriors or anybody who has  both a great perimeter scorer and a  power forward who can shoot 3’s can run this play to its full potential.

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