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NBA 2K16 Freelance Offenses: Corner (Horns) and 1-4 High

NBA 2K16 Offensive Tutorial freelance_atlanta

Welcome to another NBA 2K16 Offensive Tutorial for freelance offenses. Today we discuss two similar offenses: Corner (Horns) and 1-4 High. Both of these are quick hitting offenses that excel when you have two good post players who can also hit the mid range shot.
The corner offense is essentially a “Horns” Freelance offense. You have your two wing players in opposite corners, two bigs will be at the elbow, and then you have your ball handler. Keep in mind, anyone can bring the ball up and the offense will still flow.

To initiate the Corner offense, you dribble to one side and it will give you two branches to choose from. You can pass to the elbow or to the corner. If you pass to the corner the elbow big will set an onball screen to initiate a corner pick and roll. If you pass to the elbow the ball handler screens the corner guard and will stay in the corner and the corner guard will come for a hand off. That is basically it. You can call for your own manual backdoors with triangle or Y, handoffs for circle, or manual pick and rolls. This offense has great spacing and relies on the user to make the necessary reads and adjustments. This is also a great offense to use with “space the floor” and call for manual pick and rolls. You can also run some horn plays to throw in there.

For the 1-4 high offense, you dribble to one side (usually will initiate the side furthest from your ball handler) and one of two actions usually happen: 1) The wing will cut then backscreen your elbow big. Your elbow big can go to work in the post and the guy that down screens may be open for a quick jumper. 2) Your elbow big will screen the ball and your wing will cut through and come off a double down screen for a jumper. I have seen a few other actions, but these are the most consistent actions. Similar to the corner offense, the 1-4 provides good spacing, even more so for backdoors. Be sure to try some manually backdoors for your wings.
Overall, these are two very simple offenses. It will be up to the user to initiate and create their own offenses. These are not very complex at all and are easy to run with pick and rolls. Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! Be sure to comment on social media or in the comments below if you want to see any other freelance offensive tutorials!

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