Feb 26, 2021
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NBA 2K16 Tips: How to Change MyPlayer Height and Position

So many wanted to know how do you change your height, position or shooting hand in NBA 2K16. Unfortunately the only way to do this to recreate your character. Checkout the video above for a detailed walkthrough.

To recreate your MyPlayer character you want to go to the main menu and move over to the myCareer category and hit Triangle on PS4 or Y on xbox. This will pull up the managed files submenu from there you can select “New MyCareer” to create your new character. From here you can change your position, scoring style, height, weight, and left or right handedness.

Now if you want to delete your MyPlayer character hover over the mycareer menu again and select manage files. This time you will hit Square on ps4 or X on xbox to delete that character. Make sure you take a look at the date and position as to not delete the wrong character as you will not be able to recover it!

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