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NBA 2K16 Tips – Money Plays for Easy Points Part 3

nba 2k16 tips 3 point money plays

What’s good sports gamers, and welcome to part 3 of my money play series where I go over my favorite plays from each play type. Today I WILL go over 3-pt plays. Everybody wishes they were Steph Curry, but most guys have to have help in getting great looks at 3’s, so here’s my favorite 3-pt money plays.

The first play I will go over is Quick Swing 3 Flare and it’s located in the Atlanta Hawks playbook. Whoever you call the play for will start off the ball and you move to one of the wing spots with the ball handler.

From there, you cycle around the perimeter to the guy you called the play for and then the big at the top of the 3-pt line will set a screen for the initial ball handler to get him an open 3 (you will pass to him regardless). If he doesn’t have enough room to shoot, the guy you called the play for will receive a screen toward the corner for another 3.
Another alternative is you can keep the ball with the big at the top of the key instead of passing it all the way around thus eliminating the first screen, but the screen to the corner will still be activated.

The last alternative is you ignore the first pass altogether and you will then have the option of a baseline screen and a simple pick n roll with the big man on the perimeter
So Quick Swing 3 Flare gives the initial ball handler the most responsibility and he will probably lead your team in pts and assists running this play, even though the play won’t be called for him. So be aware of who has the ball just as much as who you’re calling the play for.

The other play I will go over is Quick Horns 1 Fade and it’s found in the Sixers, Cavs, Kings, Pistons, Warriors and Wizards playbook.
Whoever you call this play for will have the ball and bring it to the top of the key and will begin the play by passing it to one of the big men on the elbow. From there the other big will set a screen for him to get an open shot, but if his defender sticks to his man the screen man will then dive to the hoop to give you another option.

The alternative way to run the play is ignoring the pass to the big, causing him to set a screen for the guy in the corner for an open 3 (you pass to him regardless) and if he can’t get open the same 2 actions that would occur if you passed to the big man are activated.

Did these NBA 2K16 tips help you out? If so, let us know in the comments below or on social media and be sure to stay tuned to SGO for more NBA 2K16 tips.

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