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NBA 2K16 Tips: Passing With New Advanced Controls

Here is our NBA 2K16 Tips and advanced passing Tutorial. We show you how to Assist and Score with the Bounce Pass, Lob Pass  Hand Offs, and Cut to the Basket. Be sure to checkout our NBA 2K16 Offensive Guide for more detailed Tips.

  • Pass: X/A (left stick selects recipient)
  • Bounce Pass: Circle/B (left stick selects recipient)
  • Overhead/Lob Pass: Triangle/Y (left stick selects recipient)
  • Flashy Pass: Double tap Circle/B (left stick selects recipient)
  • Icon Pass: Press R1/RB then press action button of desired receiver
  • Fake Pass: Triangle/Y + Circle/B (while standing or driving)
  • Alley Oop: Double Tap Triangle/Y (left stick selects recipient, toward basket for oop-to-self)
  • Rolling Inbound: Triangle/Y during baseline inbounds
  • Give and Go: Press and hold X/A to retain control of passer, release Circle/A to receive the ball back
  • PRO STICK Pass: R1/RB + right stick

Check back daily for more NBA 2K16 Tips, Tactics and Tutorials!

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