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NBA 2K16 Tips: Princeton Chin Freelance Offense

NBA 2K22 Cover Athlete Dirk Nowitski

We have more NBA 2K16 Tips for you guys today breaking down the The Princeton Chin Freelance Offense. The Princeton Chin essentially means the Princeton High Offense. There is also Princeton Low, which we will have a video and article for at a later time.

Princeton Chin is best utilized with 4 perimeter players who can shoot deep and/or cut inside and finish. Your 5 man has to be able to hit mid range and faceup from the top of the key or hit post shots at the free throw line. There are not many players in the NBA who can do this, thus making Dallas and Dirk Nowitzki a prime candidate to run this offense.
Either motion or freelance cuts will work about the same, however do not use spacing the floor. POE’s are not that important either. You may want to try “Patient Offense”, but the other options do not really matter as the Princeton Chin is pretty much a set offense from Point A to Z with a few branches in there as well.

The offense starts with 4 perimeter players and 1 high post player and that is your base set. Then there are three options to initiate the offense.
Hold the ball at the top and you’ll see 2 branches:
1. Option 1 – Swing the ball to the opposite wing (This creates the most action)
A)This initiates a series of backdoors including the opposite guard at the top ; if you do not hit him and hold the ball this branches into 2 more options:
i)Pass to corner and the man who passed it will cut thru and then the other strongside perimeter player will go off a backscreen from Dirk. If nothing is there, hold the ball and Dirk will screen the opposite side for either a shot or a Pick and Fade with Dirk.
ii)Pass to Dirk and the strong side guard at the top of the key will go back door. Then there will be a strong side down screen for either a handoff/pass or Dirk can hold the ball. There will be another down screen on weak side as well.

2. Option 2 – Feed the high post (This should be your priority if you just want to do work with your post player)
A) All 4 perimeter players will cut and initate their own floppy action
B) Hit someone coming off a screen or go to work with your big!

3. Option 3 – Once you bring the ball, instead of holding the ball swing the ball to the opposite wing to initiate. (This is the hardest one to initiate and may only work on reversals or resets)
A) Dirk will flash and then strongside backscreens for a backdoor and weakside downscreens for a 3 point shot. Simple and quick.

This offense takes a little time to learn, but it is not that complicated. It is more important to know how to run the offense in a game and to understand what each branch does. You want to utilize your strengths so if you feel like your Big can excel at post fadeaways then go to that right away. If your big is a great passer (aka Chris Webber) then go into option 1. If you want a quick shot then go into option 3.

Let us know how you like the offense in the comments below and check back for more NBA 2K16 Tips here at SGO.

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