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NBA 2K16 Top 5 Missing Historic Teams

nba 2k16 top 5 missing historic teams

One of the most appreciated things that NBA 2K has been consistent with in recent years is new player and team content. Since NBA 2K13 (coincidentally the dawn of My Team), 2K has made a concerted effort to add more and more legends as well as their respective teams to the game. Before this became a priority for them, it almost felt as if every year you were buying the same game with the same team’s players, a few updated ratings and boom – that was it. In NBA 2K16 the largest pool of new legends was added, as well as several new teams, many of which were actually requested by the fans. This is one of the major keys 2K should stick with going forward or else they’ll be playing themselves. So here’s our top 5 missing historic teams in NBA 2k

#5 2000-2001 Sacramento Kings
Ironically we’re starting this list with a team that was already in 2K, just a different version. In 2K13 the 01-02 Kings were a part of the normal rosters, even though they didn’t have Chris Webber (which is kind of a big deal). This era of Kings Basketball embodied the word “swag” From CWebb, Mike Bibby, Jason “White Chocolate” Williams, and Peja Stojakovic. Problem with 2K was that they only had the rights to 2 of those players – so the 2 guys needed to complete this team Jason Williams (who just made his debut this year, and Chris Webber who was only a part of the unlockable kings for NBA 2k12 were missing. 2k is meant to be a fun game, well, this was one of the most fun teams to watch in NBA history. Imagine faking someone out with J-Will’s behind the back elbow pass leading to a CWebb dunk. If somebody pulls that off on me in a rank game, we fighting.

#4 2008-2009 Portland Trailblazers
If there was a vote for the most wanted player to be in MyTeam next year, I’d put anything on Brandon Roy winning it. Aka the assassin of RIP city before Damian Lillard took over; Roy was hitting’ 0.8 buzzer beaters on the Rockets before it was cool. A Shooting Guard in every essence of the word: catching bodies at the rim, defensively sound, three point marksmen, could create his own shot and even had a little post game to him. When people mention combo guards he was one of the gold standards. Roy could easily be one of those cards that you mess around and drop 40 with on somebody online. Couple that with the Blazers having a young Lamarcus Aldridge, Greg Oden and rookies Jared Bayless, Nic Batum and Rudy Fernandez leaving the Blazers plenty of firepower. Thinking about it, maybe this team would be too good to bring back…

#3 2007-2008 Denver Nuggets
The nuggets consisted of Iveson, JR Smith (in his dunk contest days), Marcus Camby patrolling the paint and a young Melo (with the braids). Forgetting the first 3 players for a sec, I’d want this team just for cornrows Melo. For those of you who don’t know the story, he actually cut the braids off after losing a bet in a game of NBA Live. So it’s only fitting that the braids make a comeback in 2K17. There was actually a 08′ Melo card in MyTEAM this year, but the player model let us down by him sporting the hair cut he has now. For those who don’t know what a young Melo was like, imagine him now but with the speed to blow by guards and yam on people. YouTube search “Melo dunk on Millsap” if you want to see what I mean. This team won’t be talked about much as time passes, but imagine facing a lineup of Iverson – JR – Melo –Kevin Martin and Marcus Camby ……I know right!

#2 2009-2010 Los Angeles Lakers
While I could go with fewer Laker team in 2k, this one may be one of the most warranted . I mean the Bulls have over 5 historic teams in 2K thanks to MJ, and he only won a title on 3 of them. While many other teams deserve to be added in 2K17, this was the final year that Kobe won a championship and considering he’s going to be NBA 2K17’s special edition cover athlete, it’s only right. This would be the only Laker team in 2K that belongs to him alone; also, this would be the only championship team with him at the peak of his years as The Black Mamba (and he didn’t need to run somewhere else to win it *cough* ) Not to mention a squad of prime Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Andre Bynum, and Adam Morrison .I’m just saying we need a historic Kobe team without the fro its only right

#1 2012-2013 New York Knicks
Also known as the last time Knicks fans had true hope….Tyson Chandler was defensive player of the year, JR Smith was the 6th man of the year, and Carmelo Anthony had one of the best seasons of his career. It’s a shame that they never even made the conference finals during that 3 year run. Still, this team would be the definition of STACKED in 2K. During those years the Knicks were one of the most popular teams to use online because of their extensive personnel. And 3pt shooting ( I mean I would get scared when dudes would bring in Steve Novak). So why not revive the team and give Knicks fans more to look forward to in 2K17 than launching up 30 shots with Porzingis

Special Shoutouts to the 1993 Phoenix Suns & 1995 Indiana Pacers
These are probably the two most requested teams to be added to 2K in recent years. Now although they are the most wanted, this one may be out of 2K’s power at the current moment. Charles Barkley has said publicly that he isn’t signing on to be in the game because of a monetary issue. Whether or not that’s the same case with Reggie and Webber also, we don’t know. And let’s be real, what would be the point of having the teams without having the stars. But believe it or not, just 6 years ago Jordan wasn’t in the game either. It took until 2K14 to get Pippen, and Kareem took everyone by surprise when he made his return to 2K this year. So in the wise words of my man KG – ANYTHING’S POSSIBIIIIIIIIIIIIILEEEEEEE.

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