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NBA 2K17 Details Revealed, More On The Way

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German Editor and Founder of FIVE, André Voigt, has recently been tweeting out a bunch of exciting new information about NBA 2K17. Unfortunately the only German words I know are rude, but the folks at Operation Sports have translated them into English. I’m not going to list them all here, but I am going to look at a few of the more exciting announcements:

  • All 30 arenas have had their specific ball, fan, buzzer, etc. sounds recorded. Each stadium will look and sound unique.
  • Players can create their own blacktop rules, allowing you to personalize a one-on-one against a friend, or just mess around.
  • Online matchmaking can be personalized. There are few things worse in gaming that coming up against someone online who is vastly better or worse than you. Hopefully players will have more control as to the sort of players they can play against, and Hassan Whiteside has no reason to complain again.
  • MyTeam features redesigned cards, historic franchise team packs, and ‘dynamic duos.’ Dynamic duos gives bonuses to two players who play together in real life.
  • Advanced rotation. This allows players to determine who should be together on the court, not just how many minutes they each need.
  • He was not allowed to tell us anything about MyCareer, saying that news will be coming in a couple of days. This means they probably have a big announcement up their sleeves, and it’s something we should look forward to.
  • The gameplay has been tweaked a little. Shots will each have their own timing point, there will be a new aiming mechanic for jump throws, dribbling will require combos to complete moves, and stealing will require more skill than just spamming the steal button.
  • A redoing of the post game (the physicality under the bucket not the full time show) including contact, rebounds and new putbacks.
  • 700 new animations.
  • There was also a focus on improved AI both in aiding and competing with the player. The assistant coach will offer information and advice, and there will be individual tactics against certain players. Also there are 30 new freelance offenses, new transition offense and defence, and the CPU will recognize and exploit mismatches.
  • Every team’s offense and defense will be in the game, and will be updated throughout the season.
  • Better coaches will give their teams better defensive awareness.

There’s more, and more to come, but these are some of the more exciting announcements. Unfortunately, as the news came in tweet form in a different language, there isn’t much information on how many of these additions will work or play out. But one thing is for certain:

It’s an exciting time to be an NBA 2K fan.

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