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NBA 2K17 Best Dribble Moves – Part 1

NBA 2K17 Dribbling Harden

Today we will discuss the 3 moves you need to know and master to get an open shot in NBA 2K17. Dribbling has a purpose, it’s used to blow by a defender or create enough space between the two to get off a shot. Whether it be with 1 move, or 2 or more chained together the end goal is the same and it all boils down to getting the defender to go one way while you go the other, no matter what the move is if you follow that you’ll do fine. Here are some of my effective dribbling moves to get you to the hoop.

1. Crossovers

In 2K17 you want to flick the right stick towards the ball handlers opposite hand, that’s it. The crossover relies on how fast you can transfer the ball from one hand to the other once you commit to going the other way. It’s a nice counter to your opponent who has a good first step to defend your drive or is over ager and lacks discipline going side to side, you can trip him up easily. It also opens up regular drives if your opponent respect the fact that you can bring the ball back the opposite way. The better the dribbler you have when you attempt this move, the higher chance you have of dropping your opponent doing this.

Best ISO Crossovers
1. Elite 2
2. Elite 6
3. Normal 2 (which is my favorite due to how fast and compact it is, as soon as your opponent even thinks about sliding one way your already going the other).

2. Step Backs

You activate this by holding the right trigger button and aim your right stick away from the hoop at the same time. In real life, its used as a bailout or counter if the ball handlers initial move is stopped, but in 2K You can pair this with any move you do regardless, because majority of them will be going sideways or forwards, so it’s a nice combo to that. Since the defender’s momentum, should be leading him in an entirely different direction to react to the step back properly. Want to do a cross, add a step back and your defender is on ice, behind the back then a step back same thing. So like I said, you can look at it like a counter or a bailout, as you can basically dribble in place for 10 seconds, hit a step back and you have instance room. The faster the player can create that space and how much space he can create doing the move is key.

Best Basic Size-Ups (where step backs are located )
1. Elite 4
2. Normal 4 (which covers the most distance)
3. Normal 3 (which is the fastest of the bunch, that paired with a lights out shooter basically becomes a glitch.

3. Rhythm Dribbles

You activate this by flicking the right stick up on your controller. The best ones are those that have movement to them that forces your opponent to react like a step back built in or a hesitation anything that gets the defender to react when you’re basically moving in place and secondly having the ability to rocket out of the animations for a drive or crossover. You want as little time to be wasted from when you go from rhythm dribble to YOUR ATTACK.

Best Rhythm Dribbles
1. Kemba Walker
2. Dwyane Wade
3. Steph Curry

Hope we furthered your dribbling understand and you can go out on that court and get any shot you like. Checkout the video below for a detail walkthrough of each move. Stay tuned for more NBA 2K17 so check back daily and subscribe if you don’t want to miss anything.

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