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NBA 2K17: Gamescom Footage and New Features

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Youtube star Chris Smoov has posted two videos of off-screen gameplay footage of NBA 2K17 from Gamescom.

The videos show a rematch of the NBA final between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.

This “ghetto quality” footage (as Smoov calls it), isn’t exactly the gameplay footage 2K fans were hoping for. 2K Sports has yet to release a full gameplay trailer, which has some fans concerned, given that the September 20 release date is not that far away. However, based on what we can see here, things look pretty good.

New gameplay footage isn’t the only thing coming out of Gamescom on the NBA 2K17 front. 2K Sports Manager Andrew Blumburg spoke to a room full of reporters at the event to share some of the details about the upcoming basketball sim. IGN was there to record his remarks.

For the first time, NBA 2K17 will have 21 up-to-date Euro League teams in the Game. “In the past, we’ve been a year behind,” Blumberg told IGN, “just because European teams are selected late in the summer and it didn’t work for our timelines.”  However, a new format adopted by the Euro League has allowed 2K to identify teams earlier and get them into the game.

The 1992 USA Dream Team will be playable for the first time since 2K13. The team is a pre-order bonus that can be purchased separately in-game. Players will be able to take the court as legends like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Larry Bird. The current US Olympic team is also available, which will be headed by Duke Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski. Kryzewski is also the voice of the tutorial, a game mode called 2KU.

Blumberg told IGN and the rest of the room that the development team has worked on revamping the lighting to make it different for each basketball arena.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, the development team has worked to put more control into the hands of the player to insure the outcome of games doesn’t rely on stats and probability. The fatigue system has also been revamped, so players can’t get away with using their starting roster for an entire game.

The rebound system has been improved as well, making it more realistic.  “Last year, pretty much every rebound was caught cleanly by a defender,” Blumberg said. “That doesn’t happen in basketball all the time. There’s a lot of fighting for the ball, it gets tipped around, and it’s a physical part of the game.” Blumberg also told the room that the ball will get tipped around a lot more as players crash into the backboards. It’s possible to tap a ball over to a teammate if the player you are controlling can’t pull the rebound themselves. Players can even grab the ball and take a shot in mid-air. Stealing as been revamped as well, so players can’t abuse this system as easily.

Blumberg told those assembled that there are still more 2K announcements to come.

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