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NBA 2K17 Hall of Fame and Grand Badges

NBA 2K17 Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Badges in NBA 2K17 are earned in MyCareer as an upgraded and better version to the Gold Badges you receive when you upgrade from a Bronze or Silver. You can only get them on the specific badges that can be upgraded for your Archetype (Playmaker can only have Hall of Fame Dimer, Lob City Passer, Flashy Passer, PnR Maestro, & Ankle Breaker badges. Not any of the shooting badges on Hall of Fame because it’s not the Sharpshooter archetype).

  1. Using our Badges Guide unlock the Bronze version of the Badge.
  2. Upgrade it to a Gold Badge with VC.
  3. Keep doing the same thing as when getting Bronze to unlock the Hall of Fame Badge.

Example: Using Playmaking PG to get the Dimer Hall of Fame badge first you would need to get the 300 assists in a season to get Bronze. Then upgrade the badge to Gold. Once it is Gold you will then need to go back into the career games and get 1200 assists. Remember, Hall of Fame Badges cannot be purchased and must be earned.


There’s also a badge higher than Hall of Fame. The Grand Badge is basically a badge you unlock once you master your specific Archetype skill sets. There are 1 grand badge available for every archetype. Playmakers get a boost in handling, Slashers get a boost in finishing around the hoop, Shooters get a boost in shooting etc..

Analysis on exactly how effective each badge is:
NBA 2K17 Defensive Badge Analysis
NBA 2K17 Rebound Badge Analysis
NBA 2K17 Dunking Badge Analysis
NBA 2K17 Passing Badge Analysis
NBA 2K17 Shooting Badge Analysis

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