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NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Domination Guide: Get 3 Stars EVERY Time in Domination

nba 2k17 domination guide

I always say every year that domination is the best way to start your MyTEAM, and this year, 2K has somehow given the hardcore MyTEAM heads an exponentially higher level of incentive to finish both halves of the mode. The first half with all current teams is a bit of a grind, but reaching the historics is where you reap the rewards. Whether you’re finishing early to be the first person with an amethyst or diamond player, or just want to be the first with some historic players to make some MT off of, the grind this year is well worth it. So let’s get into how to make this as fast and easy as possible.

1. Free Throws

The most basic of all basketball shots next to layups. Just as it was last year, you get bonus MT towards your required point total depending on the percentage you shoot from the line. The only catch is that you need to shoot at least 10 of them to be eligible to receive the bonus at the end of the game. In the earlier games of normal and historic domination this isn’t that hard to pull off. But once you get into the later cheese-filled games, it becomes a bit more tedious. The best advice that I can give to you would be to be aggressive on the fast break. Contested layups actually go in a lot more this year and if you’re on the break with a good finisher, don’t be shy to take it right to the defense. Even if it’s not the best decision when you could just pull up for the mid-range, make the effort to get to the line early so you don’t have to force drives later on.

2. Three Pointers

This might be the most fun and stressful part of games. Just like getting fouls early on in domination because of the lower difficulty, you drain threes at such a high rate that you can just torment the CPU for fun. Later on though, you could miss a wide open A with Curry and have Jordan come back down the other end and hit a fading, falling out of bounds three in your grill. Get yourself some designated marksmen for open pull-ups on the break, preferably guards since you’ll likely be handling the ball with them the most and can pull up as you see fit. Unlike free throws though, you only need to shoot 5 threes to qualify for your bonus. So take them wisely or else you can lose easy bonus points for having a low percentage from just chucking all game.

3. Multiple Defensive Stops

This year in MyTEAM you now earn bonus points to your total for getting defensive stops in a row. So if you like to double team or full court press, this is your time to shine. I personally prefer having good on-ball stealers and great shot-blocking bigs to back them up, then just switch between on and off-ball depending on the situation. Steals are easier to time this year and if you start picking up fouls, just lead them into your big or play off ball with the shot blocker and wait for the help opportunity. However you choose to earn these points is up to you.

4. Fast Breaks to Assists

This one was a key for domination last year as well. Capitalizing on the break is the easiest way to run up the score and get your point total as quick as possible. Also, it makes it easier to get your free throw bonus by attacking the basket with a non-set defense. The main thing to try to keep in mind though is trying to get an assist along with it. There will be many times I get a pokeout steal but instead of running away for the dunk, I hold up for a trailer just for the assist bonus. Try to make this a habit as fast as you can.


Last but not least – get in the post. This will probably be your biggest aid in beating those last few games against the unstoppable all star teams. In case you haven’t noticed yet, you get DOUBLE the points for scoring when you score off a post hook or fadeaway. The +5 post move score bonus gets added twice every time you do either of those moves. So the ideal scenario for the best bonus would be to call for a post up, throw it into your big man in deep positioning, turn and shoot or hook. +5 post move score, +2 made shot, +4 assist, +5 post move score. That’s 16 points in one possession and your goal is just to reach a little over 100 per quarter. When you add that to the extra points for defensive stops and rebounds, you should have no problems making the total.

All in all, domination this year is extremely doable and rewarding; an amethyst AND a diamond player along with all the MT for selling the rewards. All these in-game bonuses along with your free throw and three point percentages should be your focus every game. I personally like to check what I’m missing at halftime so I know what I should concentrate on more, attacking the rack or taking better shots. But if you couple all these tips with a good big man in the post and some knockdown shooters outside, there’s no way you won’t eventually beat this thing.

Now get to grinding.

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