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NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Hidden Gems: Terrence Ross


NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Hidden Gems series covers the BEST players in MyTeam for the least amount of coin. Many of these guys play well above the ratings and value!

Terrence Ross 

HT: 6’7″       WT: 195 lbs.           Overall: 84

Average Price: 3,000 – 4,000

Strengths: Attacking the basket, Finishing in transition, Catch and shoot killer, Curry-like Handles

Weaknesses: Weak defensively, Shooting off the dribble

How To use effectively: 2K has blessed one of their favorite sons with this card. He’s been about it since 2K13 MyTeam but this is just absurd. I have confidently dubbed this card the best sapphire card in the game. Why do I say that? Because if a card came out that was better than this, it wouldn’t be sapphire. This card can do almost everything offensively; 88 three pointer, 96 Dunk and the dribble moves of Steph Curry? You might be able to win the game but just accept that he’s giving you the work if the person using him is competent. Look to throw him lobs on the break, kick it to him if he sprints to the corner, and if you really want to become versatile with him then get those Curry handles down and put him in the pick and roll.

Avoid: Although he can be strong in the pick and roll after getting his moves down, try to avoid taking too many moving mid-range shots unless left wide open. He’s more of a set shooter than a shot creator, it’s his godly dunk animations that you should be looking to trigger if running the ball with him. Also, the card is so athletic that it can somewhat keep up with other Shooting Guards and Small Forwards, still, don’t expect him to be locking up.

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