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NBA 2K17 MyTeam Tips: Best 250K Team

nba 2k17 myteam tips 250k team harden

There are three times a year where 2K is at its peak popularity: the initial release, Christmas, and playoff time. While wrecking Christmas noobs is fun, the best content is released when that special time of year rolls around; seasonal awards are given out, players stop sitting out games cause they’re hungover, and the best basketball of the year is played. With that, comes a surge of in-game content, specifically in MyTEAM. If you aren’t ballin’ on the level of this team, don’t worry, we got you with a 100K lineup. But if your budget is getting up there with your auction house game, here’s a 250K team that can go toe-to-toe with the best diamond teams money can buy:


Moments: James Harden (Diamond) – 40K

HT: 6’5″

WT: 220 Lbs.

Yes, the mode is so currently lit that a top-tier MVP candidate can be the starting point guard for a semi-budget team. There isn’t much that needs to be said here, Harden is one of the best and most popular cards in the game, and is just about unstoppable in the right hands. The beauty behind this is that he is just so affordable that it would be wrong if he wasn’t on this team– it’s way too good of a card for the price.


Moments: Jimmy Butler (Diamond) -20K

HT: 6’7″

WT: 220 Lbs.

This was the first diamond moments card in the mode, if I’m not mistaken. That, and that alone, is the reason he is THIS cheap. He’s been pulled the most out of any diamond player in the game, and that’s good news for budget ballers around the world. He’s meant to primarily be a defensive player and the go-to stopper for your team on the perimeter. However, he could easily be a scoring threat for you because he was also blessed with great dribble animations. He won’t drop 20 for you every game, that’s Pierce and Harden’s job. But don’t be surprised if he saves you when one of your go-to’s are having an off game.


Event: Paul Pierce (Diamond) – 40K

HT: 6’7″

WT: 235 Lbs.

Meet the scoring star of your team. This is, hands down, one of the best Small Forwards in the game but the irony is that he’s also one of the cheapest. He’s that “standard player” that if you don’t have him but want someone else who is somewhat expensive, you gotta check yourself like “well, I could just get Paul Pierce for that price..” Offensively, there’s not really an argument against him. However you wanna play him: post-up, pick & roll, spot-up shooter– he can do it all. The more impressive part of this card is actually its defense. Not only can (and will) he carry your team, but he’s also likely going to put whoever he’s guarding in solitary confinement.


Moments: Lebron James (Amethyst) – 30K

HT: 6’8″

WT: 250 Lbs.

Believe it or not, this (probably not for long when the playoffs get underway) is the best Lebron James card in the game right now. For only 30K, you get the most consistently cheesy card in 2K for the past decade. I still get chills remembering his spin dunks in 2K13.. Anyway, GodKing James brings everything missing from the starting lineup. You can run the ball with him and let Harden take plays off to spot-up, he can guard the countless small-ball forwards that you run into online, and I mean… he’s Lebron.


Events: Yao Ming (Amethyst) – 20K

HT: 7’6″

WT: 310 Lbs.

In case you didn’t already know, Yao Ming is the best center in MyTEAM. No, there’s no debate. He really is the best center and there is nothing you can do about it. You got Shaq? That’s cute. This is one of those cards that are glitchy just because the game mechanics make it so. I’ve used countless diamond centers against him (Ben Wallace, Elton Brand, Tim Duncan, George Mikan) and he adopts them every single time. The diamond is somewhat overkill because the amethyst is good enough to hold its own against just about anyone.

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