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NBA 2K17 MyTeam Tips: Players for Teams on a Low Budget

NBA 2K17 MyTeam Tips Prizingis NBA 2K17

Have you just started MyTEAM in NBA 2K17? Are you new to the cheese that is 2K? Are you unfamiliar with basketball players in general and just need a guideline of who to look for? Well you have just so happened to stumble across the right part of the internet. The beauty of NBA 2K MyTEAM is that you don’t necessarily need a diamond lineup to win games, although that is a curse for the people with those diamond lineups.  The point is if you need an affordable and effective squad to get your feet wet in the mode, look no further. All you’ll need is about 25,000 MT coins and some patience to collect a few cards, which is the point of the mode anyway.


PG: Jay Williams my-great-capture-screen-shot-2016-10-10-03-37-33Overall (Rewards Collection):82
HT: 6’2″ WT: 195 Lbs.
Price: FREE

I call this guy the ‘not bad Chris Paul’. He’s the first reward card that you’ll earn in the mode, likely in your first night playing it. He’s sent to your reward queue once you reach 60 cards collected and could easily lead your team until you find a higher tier gem card to replace him. As far as emerald point guards go, he’s about as good as it’s going to get. His mid-range and three-point shots are both fair in the low 80s, respectable enough to knock down when open. His passing stats are on-par, if not higher than most other PGs in his gem tier. And for some reason, he dunks as if he isn’t barely 6 feet tall.

SG: Quentin Richardson:my-great-capture-screen-shot-2016-10-10-03-37-42Overall (Rewards Collection): 84
HT: 6’6″ WT: 220 Lbs.
Price: FREE

Meet the star of your team. This will be the hardest (but not really that hard) card to reach to complete your team. He’s sent to your reward queue once you reach 175 cards collected and is a blessing from the 2K Gods for all MyTEAM beginners this year. If his 90 three-pointer, high layup and space-creating dribble moves weren’t already enough, the next player on this list will bump him up to a level that you can’t even imagine.

SG/SF: Kyle Korvermy-great-capture-screen-shot-2016-10-10-03-38-44Overall (Current Hawks Collection): 72
HT: 6’7″  WT: 212 Lbs.

Meet Q-Rich’s best friend. With the new feature of dynamic duos in MyTEAM, certain players get boosts to their stats when on a team and on the court together. When paired with Korver, Quentin Richardson goes from an 84 overall sapphire to an 88 overall ruby. His three-pointer almost maxes out, his mid-range becomes more than just an open threat, and his ball control/passing go up to the level of a point guard. Essentially, as I said, he becomes your star and go-to scorer. You couldn’t ask for more than that when just starting the mode. Kyle, on the other hand, goes up to a 74 overall and becomes as good a knockdown shooter as you could ask for. Although he’s a bit of a liability on defense, it’s well worth having him on the floor to unlock Q-Rich’s true cheese potential.

PF/SF: Robert Horrymy-great-capture-screen-shot-2016-10-10-03-37-49Overall (Rewards Collection): 84
HT: 6’10” WT: 230 Lbs.

Big. Shot. Bob. The man famous for winning more rings than Michael Jordan just by being on the right team at the right time to hit the right shot. I’ve heard that just saying his name sends shivers down Chris Webber’s spine, wherever he may be in the world. The same goes for this player card in 2K. You pick him up on the way to getting Quentin Richardson – at 100 cards – and with your perimeter already having good scoring potential, Horry is just meant to fill his role: knockdown threes and rebound. His rebounding is above average for a player with his skill set because truthfully he is bit more of a SF. Don’t be surprised if you see him boxing out 7 footers and skying for offensive putbacks. After all that, he’ll still be ready for that pass out to the top of the key with the clock winding down.

C: Hassan WhitesideHassan Whiteside NBA 2K17Overall (Current Heat Collection): 79
HT: 7’0″ WT: 265 Lbs.

The center position is the most flexible of them all in this article, but I believe Young Whiteside will give you the best bang for your buck with what he provides. The center position is already very limited at the moment and when you couple that with being on a budget, it’s hard to find someone who can do a little of everything. Whiteside is that guy. He’s going to get blocks and rebounds just as well as everyone else, but he’s also one of the most athletic options AND has a slight mid-range jumpshot to keep the defense honest (something most other centers don’t have).

Checkout the Bench for our Low Budget squad on the next page.

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