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NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Wishlist Part 2

nba 2K17 myteam

Last week we brought you part 1 of our NBA 2K17 MyTEAM wishlist, this week we’re bringing you part 2 with more of what we’d like to see. Read on to find out what else we’d like to see added to MyTEAM in NBA 2K17.

The Gauntlet

What was the simplest mode of play may have turned out to be one of the most fun this year. Although it’s filled with the most savage of 2K cheesers, the gauntlet was enjoyable for two main reasons: the games were quick and you could try out any player.

To the people who played the gauntlet a lot in 2K16, what was the most tedious thing to do before a game? Getting the players you wanted to use. And deep down, that is the premise of the gauntlet – being able to trial a prospective addition to your team, or use someone you could otherwise not afford. So why not actually give us a way to use who we’d like to?

A win requirement to be able to choose from a random list of players could help. Tiers of available players that vary depending on what board of the gauntlet you’re on would give aid to that cause too. Anything would be better than the endless backing out of games until you get someone better than dynamic Bruno Cabolco.

The directions the gauntlet could take from there are pretty extensive, but other than that, the best way to improve this mode of play would be to take it off the blacktop and set the game in an actual gym with regulated game rules. That is where you’d be using the player if they were actually on your team, after all.

Also, more gauntlet boards with player rewards were promised this year but that never came to fruition. Maybe something more than just a 93 overall Bob Cousy for lasting through 250+ games of sweat might make this more tempting to play. Because as of right now, the gauntlet can be reduced to just starting new games until you see two trial players that might get you an easy W.


This topic could probably stretch to be talked about for an entire video and that’s not an
exaggeration, but the truth of the matter is that a consensus to make everyone happy will never be reached.

2K did a fair job in coming up with new pack ideas in 2K16, but players have both been too common and almost un-pullabe at different points of the year. It’s hard to say what exactly should be done but two things that could possibly quell the war on packs with 2K17 right around the corner: better pacing the release rate of players and making their pull rates reasonable.

For example, an amethyst throwback Carmelo was once worth near 500,000 MT and at this point in the year – he’s worth almost 50,000. That’s 10 percent of his original price on release. Not to mention that simple amethyst playoff cards like Al-Farouq Aminu with better stats than that Carmelo can now be bought for half the price; it didn’t help that only 2 or 3 of those Carmelo’s were on the market when he was first released either.

Furthermore, the release rate of new players in MyTEAM this year was slower than Shawn Bradley (he may as well have no legs in this game). The issue of players being pullable was touched on after an uproar from the community, but why did it have to come to that? It’s understandable to want certain players to be rarer than others but it becomes a problem when people could spend an entire paycheck on packs and still pull no one of real worth.

Maybe something along the lines of a Madden or NBA Live Ultimate Team pack bundle topper could give the consumer the incentive of “well at least I’m guaranteed a decent overall player.” Simply put, the players that are released earlier in the year will inevitably end up common and their price will crash, at least let MyTEAM players have fun and actually pull them when they’re released.

Finally, pace the release rate of players more topically. Many players’ birthdays and historical career moments went by this year but you’d still go into MyTEAM to see: “Today in MyTEAM: 15 NEW versions of Bill Cartwright!”

Miscellaneous Mode Additions

  1. Wagering MT and players just might be the most popular thing to do in MyTeam and it isn’t even an official form of play. Also, wager matches have been so heavily requested that it’s almost redundant to have it on this list. I’m sure by now 2K has taken notice of this and we can hope and pray that it will be official in 2K17.
  2. A trade block could also ease the need for an official wager match game type. At this moment, the only way to trade a card between two people is for one person to post their card and hope the other person can buy the card off the auction house before a random does. What would be so wrong with a simple system of trade requesting where people can offer MT or X amount of players for whatever they may want. I can’t tell you how many times I had to sell players XYZ just for enough MT to buy someone else (and that’s not counting the tax I lose from the auction house). The NBA has trades, why can’t our franchises have them too?
  3. The auction house itself could do with a few new shiny features. A watch list wouldn’t be too much to ask; I think just about everyone is tired of having to search a player continuously to watch his bid. Also, with how sporadic the market can be (especially when new packs first release), there should be shorter time periods to post cards. A minimum of 4 hours is entirely too much. And lastly, since the goal of the mode is meant to be collecting as many cards as possible, why not make it easier for us? As someone who went through the agony of making a spreadsheet for all the jerseys and miscellaneous cards I was missing, being able to search the auction house from your collection would be a dream come true. That is time of my life I will never get back. The option to search from collection is already there for players, why not also for the cards that are actually harder to find?
  4. Finally, the simplest of all requests made so far – achievements and rewards. In 2K15, if you collected every player from a certain team, you would receive a sapphire version of a player from that team; a lot of those players were pretty decent too. In 2K16, your reward for doing the same thing was balls. Literally, balls. *insert Nick Young face here* Not to mention most of them didn’t even look appealing enough to use. What would be wrong with substituting those with either a boosted stat version of that team’s star player or even a pack bundle? Pack boxes were already rewards for a few achievements this year, nothing would be wrong with a few more. Win 5-10 games in a row, get your team to a 90 overall, maybe even go undefeated in a RTTP seed? All we ask is to be rewarded for playing the mode.

What changes would you like to see in MyTEAM for NBA 2K17? Let us know in the comments or on social media, and be sure to stay tuned for more great NBA 2K17 content.

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