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NBA 2K17 MyTeam Wishlist

NBA 2K17 MyTeam Wishlist

Since the dawn of MyTeam, I think it’s fair to say that the game mode has
progressively gotten better and better; although, most MyTeam fans would rather look
at what the mode doesn’t have rather than how much it has improved in it’s short
lifespan. Not to say that the mode couldn’t do with (a lot) more content, but at the very
least look at how far it’s come. And while the developers have made their biggest effort
of any 2K updating the mode this year, they still haven’t even scratched the surface of
how much potential MyTeam has.

Road To The Playoffs

Let’s be real, this quickly became the most repetitive and bland form of online play in
MyTeam. It’s disappointing to say that the main way to play the mode has been the
exact same since it was created. What’s more disappointing is that extensions and
suggestions to prolong the life of RTTP have been on countless 2K wishlists every year –
but to no avail. The ideas that people have had for this sub-mode range from more
player rewards, equalized team matchmaking, even actually making the playoffs and
playing for rings for your franchise. But instead of asking for all that, the simplest and
most effective request that could be made is for MT rewards. The new big thing in 2K
this year was the buying and selling of MT, popular topic in the FIFA and Madden
communities as well. But if there were ways to make more of it by actually playing the
game, maybe it would discourage people from having to buy in-game currency.
Repeatable seeds with MT rewards, simple and clean. Because if you’re a MyTeam
player, what’s the biggest knock on RTTP? What to do after you finish. Maybe a sizeable
amount of MT each time you beat a seed would entice people to embrace the challenge
of beating that cheese multiple times to build the team of their dreams rather than
buying it. A win/loss leaderboard and some more pack/player rewards for beating each
seed don’t sound too bad either.


I don’t think many MyTeam players did more than just the Diamond Kareem challenges
this year. This year, almost all challenges were pointless. In 2K15, they at least had some
worth to finish for a few good player rewards to improve your team, or sell and buy
someone you actually want to use. Why they deviated from that for the entirety of 2K16,
we may never know. Other than the almost as bad as Andre Roberson player rewards in

the Road To Kareem challenge series, the only worthwhile player you could have earned
was Kareem himself. And even that took almost until the end of the 2K year. What would
be so wrong with weekly challenges releasing popular players as the year goes on? It
took up until 2 weeks ago for the best version of Jason ‘White Chocolate’ Williams to be
released. If he was a challenge reward at some point this year, he may have been the
best one not named Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar). We’re not asking to be able to
make a super team with weekly challenges, but at least give us some incentive to
actually want to finish them. After all, one of the biggest knocks on MyTeam earlier this
year was the release rate of content; this could help remedy that.


This isn’t actually a mode of play in MyTeam, but I’m sure fans wish it was; yet another
thing that was being done right in previous 2Ks but only to be discontinued. Does
anyone who played MyTeam in 2K14 remember the cheese pizza, sapphire Scottie
Pippen online tournament? Possibly one of the most stressful and fun things ever to
happen to the mode. At the same time, it brought a whole new level of competition to
playing with your ultimate team. When you saw someone with the player reward of that
tournament, you prepared yourself for the rage you were about to go through.
Tournaments in MyTeam wouldn’t just give the community more ways to play, but it
would give them a greater sense of competition to beat out everyone else for that rare
player card that everyone wants. This could also be another way to earn more MT and
who doesn’t want that?

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